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The Peelers are a folk rock /punk band from Canada, which has not just stormed their own country but also the rest of the world with their music. In a short span of time, the band has achieved success that generally takes decades to achieve. Apart from their lyrics and sound the band is also popular for their energetic and exciting live shows.
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The Peelers had a humble beginning; they were formed in a small farmhouse kitchen in Glengarry County in 1999. However, from the kitchen, the band has evolved to become one of the most electrifying and lively live Celtic folk/punk acts in Canada. Glengarry County has always been a breeding ground of Celtic culture, and most members of The Peelers had plunged themselves in this rich legacy from youth. The county was in the beginning developed by Scottish immigrants who chose the name Glengarry in reminiscence of home. Glengarry has developed into a learning ground for many musicians, both Scottish and Irish, who have polished a sound unique to the locale.

The Peelers' music is a blend of contemporary Irish/Scot music which has been inspired by the insurgent nature of artists such as Shane MacGowan & The Pogues, Flogging Molly, The Mahones, The Waterboys, Black 47, and Tom Waits, and at the same time they uphold a spark of the sound upon which they were weaned. In 2002 the band came out with their album âââ€?¬ËÅ"Boots and Suits', which was well accepted by their fans. After the release of the album the band embarked on an extensive tour in support of the same. The successful album was followed by âââ€?¬ËÅ"Liquordale' in 2004, which too did quite well.

The album produced by Fast Forward's Pierre Pineault took almost a year for the recording that was done in three Montreal studios. Webzine, a web portal based in Boston named the album as the Album of the Year.

Band Members

  • Dave - (Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars)

  • Nelly Mac - (Button Accordions, Vocals)

  • 'Double' Diamond - (Whistles)

  • Zeus âââ€?¬â€Å" Drums


  • Liquordale-2004

  • Boots and Suits- 2002

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