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The Orb is techno band based in the UK. The band is credited with the creation of the electronic genre. The genre gained an impressive following when the appeared on the British Charts and hit the number one position in popular music charts across the UK.

The brain of the group is Paterson and his musical odyssey began in the 1980's. He was influenced by the Chicago House Music during the 80's. He joined the A&R department of EG Records. He was joined by Jimi Cauty and both music enthusiasts went on to form Orb. The released their debut album, "Tripping on Sunshine" in 1988. The album failed to get any response, but the duo were not deterred as they recorded their second album, Kiss" in 1989.
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In 1990, Paterson was requested by Dave Stewart to remix his successful single, "Lilly was Here." The remixed track became an instant rage and made its way into the UK Top 20. Soon established bands like Depeche Mode, Erasur, Yello and Primal Scream jumped on to the Remix wagon.

The band were going great guns and in 1991 released their next album, "Beyond the Ultraworld." The group then went on to sign a record deal with Ultraworld in the US. They released many hit singles on this label before signing for Island records. This led to released of a live album, "Live 93" and the band were really hitting the big time.

In 1994, the band issued their maiden studio album, "Pomme Fritz." They then issues "Obscure Trax:The Rare" in 1997. This was followed by "U.F. Off: The..." in 1998, "Auntie Aubrey's Excursion" in 2001, "Cydonia" in 2001 and "Bicycles and Tricycles" in 2004. Catch this impressive band in a live performance, contact your on-line ticket vendor and get the tickets.


Bicycles & Tricycles - 2004
Cydonia - 2001
Auntie Aubrey's Excursion. - 2001
U.F. Off: The... - 1998
Orblivion - 1997
Orbscure Trax: The Rare ... - 1997
The Orb Remix Project: A... - 1996
Orbus Terrarum - 1995
Pomme Fritz - 1994
Live 93 - 1994
The Aubrey Mixes: The Ul... - 1992
The Orb's Adventures Bey... - 1992
U.F.Orb - 1992
The Peel Sessions - 1991
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