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The Mars Volta is an American musical group founded by Cedric Bixler Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. They are generally considered rock, with heavy punk, prog and Latin influences. They are known for their wild live shows and oblique lyrics, which have gained both rave reviews and vehement criticism.

Members of the aggro punk band At the Drive-In, Cedric Bixler Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez recruited audio technician Jeremy Michael Ward in 1998 to form DeFacto, seeking to experiment with previously suppressed ideas, and break loose of the image they received from At the Drive-In. DeFacto included Cedric on drums, Omar on bass, and Jeremy with loop/vocal/sound/distortion effects. DeFacto was a composite of sounds, hinging squarely on tripped-out, instrumental dub. Rooted within the realm of dub reggae pioneers like Lee Perry and Dr. Alimantado, the group also dabbled in electronica, Latin/salsa, and jazz, which gave their sound a distinct, timeless quality. The band played local shows around their home town, El Paso, TX, until they moved to Long Beach, California in 2000 and met up with jazz keyboardist Ikey Isiah Owens. Ikey added a distinct new tone to DeFacto and brought forth a new popularity that they had not yet received. In 2001, DeFacto released their first album, Megaton Shotblast on Gold Standard Laboratories, and received instant success. Eventually, At The Drive-In began to collapse, and the band had more time to experiment with new sounds. The band released three more albums, each one showing a distinct new sound. After the indefinite hiatus of At the Drive-In, Omar and Cedric decided to branch out, creating The Mars Volta, a new project they envisioned would fulfill their creative desires. The Mars Volta released Tremulant in 2002, a collection of three songs - including "Concertina", a condemnation of a former ATDI member - that explored prog rock, punk rock, salsa, free and avant-garde.
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Following the EP, The Mars Volta continued to tour while preparing for their next release, De-Loused in the Comatorium. Whereas Tremulant was a record with no general theme, except the prophetic mentioning of its follow-up album, De-Loused in the Comatorium was a unified work of speculative fiction that told the story, from the first person perspective, of someone in a drug induced coma. Though lyrically obtuse, The Mars Volta have stated in interviews that the protagonist of the album is based on a friend of theirs, Julio Venegas, or "Cerpin Taxt", as mentioned in the story, who several years prior was in a coma himself. Sometime after awakening, he jumped off of the Campbell Street overpass onto Interstate 10 in El Paso during afternoon rush-hour traffic. He was pronounced dead at Thomason Hospital.

The ten-track LP would become their biggest hit yet, both critically and commercially, eventually selling in excess of 500,000 copies and featuring on several critics' "Best of the Year" lists. The band would later release a limited edition storybook version of the album, currently available to download from Gold Standard Laboratories. The book speaks of Cerpin Taxt (sometimes referred to as the album/story's "hero"), and his suicide. While on tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in support of their album, The Mars Volta's sound manipulator and contributing lyricist, Jeremy Ward, was found dead of an apparent drug overdose. The second leg of the tour was cancelled, and the first single from De-Loused would later be dedicated to Ward.
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