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The Maine is the power punk group out of Phoenix, Arizona taking the alternative rock world by storm one MySpace fan at a time. This is truly an example of a new group in a new age of new media. The Maine tickets sell with the benefit of word of mouth and announcements on their band page.

The group formed while the band members were in high school in 2007. The Maine, named after "Coast of Maine," a song by the group Ivory, became the group fans no them as now once John O'Callaghan joined the group. Pat Kirch's brother heard him sing at a party and suggested he join the group.

Overall, O'Callaghan sings, Kennedy Brock plays rhythm guitar and offers backup vocals, Jared Monaco plays lead guitar, Garrett Nickelson plays bass, and Pat Kirch plays drums. Ryan Osterman and Alex Ross were guitarists with the group at the beginning of the band's history, but did not end up sticking around for once the band hit it big.

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The Maine were discovered by a representative from Fearless Records after gathering a large following through social media. They put on a big show before 600 screaming fans and soon found themselves signed to a record deal. The group has released three EPs and three studio albums. Their debut album, Can't Stop Won't Stop, reached number 40 on the Billboard 200 after its release in 2008 and was re-released as a deluxe addition a year later.

The band's latest album, Black &White, debuted in the Billboard 200 after being released on July 13, 2010 through Warner Bros. Records. The album and a steady touring history has led to a number of summer concert dates in 2010. Get you're the Maine tickets from OnlineSeats and enjoy rocking out to this pop punk group in person for cheap.

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