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The Irish Sopranos is a band from Ireland who have gained popularity all over the world and enjoys a lot of fame in the United States of America a country where the group tours and performs a lot. The group is an ensemble of three talented women musicians. The three members are Kay Lynch, Wendy Dwyer, and Deirdre Masterson. The group has been showcasing their music talent at various and fames venues. The concerts of The Irish Sopranos are always flocked by large number of fans of the group. The live shows of the group are not to be missed and tickets can be bought from Online Seats for the premium seats for less and discounted price.

All the three members of The Irish Sopranos have gone through an extensive and rigorous training in classical music. The most noted point of them are is that each of them have a very different and distinctive voice. Kay Lynch comes from Tralee, Co. Kerry, Wendy Dwyer comes from Ballincollig Co. Cork and Deirdre Masterson comes from Gorey , Co. Wexford. All the three belonged to homes where there was very lively atmosphere of music. The band is today influenced from various genres of music such as classical, traditional, jazz as well as the country music. Wendy once said "Anything with a beautiful melody attracts us." While Kay said "All we want to do is entertain, to lift people with our music and a good melody is the first step in that regard".
The music of The Irish Sopranos is a mixture of popular and operatic music. Every song of the group is arranged by one member. Every arrangement shows the individual style and the versatility of the group.
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The group is also different from other groups in the fact that while other groups are formed gathering of different people the members of The Irish Sopranos have known each other since the past many years. They studied and collaborated with each other in past giving rise to an unbreakable friendship. For the friendship between them Deirdre said "Real friendship makes such a difference to the performance and the audience notices".
The Irish Sopranos have given number of concerts and live shows in their country Ireland as well in other countries. The live shows of the band have always got lot of rave reviews from the audience and the critics.

The Irish Sopranos  have been able to get the attraction of the media also. The group have been seen on number of national TV and Radio broadcasts in their native country and also in the United States of America. They have also come in number of magazine and newspaper articles. In 2004 Irish Sopranos had their first tour of United States. At their first tour they were chosen for a show on Day Fox News Special of St. Patrick.
The debut album of the band was titled 'A Time For Us' having some Irish and classical numbers including some other favorites.
The group have been applauded by the media also.
New York Times said about them "The Irish Sopranos made Carnegie Hall even more breathtaking with
their beauty and pristine voices".
The Plain Dealer said " One of the biggest surprises of this years Cleveland Irish Festival were
newcomers The Irish Sopranos".

"The blend of these three soaring treble voices would melt even the
hardest heart" was said by Irish Independent

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