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The Fray is an alternative rock and piano rock group formed in the year 2002 in Denver, United States of America. The band is an ensemble of very talented musicians as their song Over My Head (Cable Car) Over My Head (Cable Car) brought international game and recognition to the group. The song was hugely successful in countries like New Zealand, Canada and Australia while in their home country it came at top ten position on the Billboard Hot 100 . The next single by them How to Save a Life proved to be more successful in United States of America. The Fray are also known for their superb and fantastically performed live shows and concerts. The tickets for the live shows of The Fray can be bought from Online Seats at very low and cheap price for the premium seats.

The Fray consists of four members namely lead vocalist and pianist Isaac Slade, guitar by Dave Welsh, vocals and guitar by Joe King and drums and percussion by Ben Wysocki. Though the group has no permanent bassist but of lately The Fray have toured with Jimmy Stofer for bass. The group has been influenced a lot by other bands such as Counting Crows, Better Than Ezra and U2.
It was in 2002 when Isaac Slade and Joe King encountered with each other at a local Guitar Center. They started jam sessions and resulted them in writing songs. Later two more members were inducted in the line up who were Zach Johnson and brother of Slade, Caleb. But soon Johnson departed from the group and his place was taken by Wysocki on drums. But soon there was another change in the line up of the band with Caleb quiting the band as Welsh was inducted in the band.
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In the year of 2002 an EP was released by The Fray called 'Movement' with just four songs such as Oceans Away, Vienna, Where You Want To and It's For You.

In 2003 another EP by The Fray was released called 'Reason'.the EP had seven songs like Without Reason, Unsaid, Together, City Hall, Oceans Away, Some Trust and Vienna. In 2003 a song by the band Cable Car was given by them to KTCL radio show. The radio station was soon flooded with many requests for the song and became a breaking ground for the group as they gain lot of popularity among the locals. In 2004 The Fray by Denver readers of Westword was voted as "Best New Band". On 17th December , 2004 the band was signed by record label Epic Records . The first album of the band came in the September of 2005. The album was titled ' How to Save a Life'. The album had twelve songs such as Dead Wrong, Over My Head (Cable Car), Little House, How to Save a Life, Vienna, All at Once, Look After You, Trust Me, Heaven Forbid, Hundred, She Is and Fall Away. The album for The Fray proved to be very successful and became a platinum album. In United States the album sold more than 1.5 million records.
The group came on many TV shows such as The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show, and and in Australia they were on Rove Live. On 18th July, 2006 The Fray released a live album titled ' Live at the Electric Factory '.

The Fray has been a very successful and known band. You can see the live shows of the band by availing tickets from Online Seats.
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