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The Faint, an indie rock/synth pop band from Omaha, Nebraska have undergone many changes in their comparatively short career. However, each change both in terms of personnel and style has been able to leave a mark in the music world. In their initial days the band made a mix of lo-fi pop and tongue-in-cheek easy listening music.
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The Faint was initially known as Norman Bailer and Conor Oberst, of Bright Eyes was also par of the lineup. However, Oberst soon quit the band and it is widely believed that he wasn't accepted into the band when he attempted to return. The band soon started calling itself The Faint that comprised of Clark Baechle, Todd Fink and Joel Petersen. The band then signed a recording deal with Saddle Creek Records and came out with a couple of singles. These singles failed to create any ripples in the music world. However, constant touring and live performances was helping the band expand their fan base, even though the singles did not do well, the band was extremely popular in the Omaha-area. To solidify their lineup the band added Matt Bowen, to its arsenal. With the new lineup, the band came out with their first full length album ‘Media'. The debut album did quite well and the band's fan following increased considerably. After the release of the album the band embarked on a tour to support the same. During the tour there was a slight change in the lineup, Bowen quit the band and was replaced by Jacob Thiele. In the beginning of 1999, the band once more entered the studio to record their second effort ‘Blank-Wave Arcade'. The band's second album which was replete with danceable beats, catchy keyboards, and a '80s-influenced sound, which also dealt with sexuality, transportation, and mass consumption became a huge success. After the release of the album the band hit the road in support of the same. The band's lively and energetic live shows furthered their popularity.

While working on their third album ‘Danse Macabre' the band added Dapose, a death metal guitarist to further strengthen its lineup. ‘Danse Macabre' could replicate the success of its predecessor; in fact it became even more successful. Intense touring followed the release of the album. In 2004, the band came out with yet another album ‘Wet from Birth' which too did quite well. The band continues to tour and enthrall their fans and also has released a couple of recordings of singles and compilation albums.


  • Sine Sierra (Norman Bailer) (1995 · Lumberjack)

  • Media (1998 · Saddle Creek)

  • Blank-Wave Arcade (1999 · Saddle Creek)

  • Blank-Wave Arcade Remixes (2000)

  • Danse Macabre (2001 · Saddle Creek)

  • Danse Macabre Remixes (2003 · Astralwerks)

  • Wet from Birth (2004 · Saddle Creek)

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