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In a career spanning many successes the band has released a slew of albums which include: Whatcha See Is Watcha Get (1972, #20 US); A Dramatic Experience (1973, #86 US); Dramatically Yours (1974); The Dells vs. The Dramatics (1974, #156 US); Drama V (1975, #93 US); The Dramatic Jackpot (1975, US #31); Joy Ride (1977, US #103); Shake It Well (1977, US #60); Do What You Wanna Do (1978, US #44); Anytime, Anyplace (1979); The Dramatic Way (1980); 10 1/2 (1980, US #61); New Dimension (1982); Positive State of Mind (1989); Stone Cold (Volt 1990); Me & Mrs. Jones (MCA 1994); Gimme Some Good Soul Music (Fantasy 1995) and Look Inside (NCI Records 2002). "Me & Mrs. Jones" was originally sung by Billy Paul and "Bridge over troubled waters", famously sung by Simon & Garfunkel. "In the rain" was #1. Larry "L.J." Reynolds, who initially was with "Chocolate Syrup" joined the band on the absence of "Wee Gee" Howard. In 1981, Larry left to follow a solo career. Elbert Wilkins and Lenny Mayes too have passed away. Nevertheless, the legacy of music they have left bhing shall be everlasting.

The current line-up is still touring and recording albums. Ron Banks, L.J. Reynolds, Willie Ford, Winzell Kelly and Michael Brock form the present line-up. Their upcoming album is called Bad Girl. The band has braved storms and naysayers who did not believe their longevity. However, as fans we believe in them and should buy tickets and albums to show them our love.
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Nov 3 Fri 6:30 PM LJ Reynolds & The Dramatics Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center
Redondo Beach, CA
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Dec 30 Sat 9:00 PM The Dramatics Saban Theatre
Beverly Hills, CA
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Originally called "The Sensations", later "The Dynamics" when they emerged in the 1960's, fans still buy tickets to the band now known as The Dramatics for their continuity, originality and purity in their voice and music. Rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg remade their 1973 hit "Fell for you". Their songs had wonderful falsettos, pitch and perfect timing that complimented each song. For anyone who enjoys soul music of the 1970's, the Dramatics is the band.

Initially, the Dramatics consisted of Ron Banks, Willie Ford, "Wee Gee" Howard, Larry Demps and Elbert Wilkins. Howard and Wilkins disbanded after the release of their first album. In their place came Reynolds and Lenny Mayes. Mayes passed away in 2004.

According to Ron Banks, they formed as they were inspired by "The Temptations". The Dramatics hail from America's music hub, Detroit. As Detroit was chock-a-block with emerging and up and coming talents, the Dramatics then known as the Dynamics recorded and worked with various small recording label until finally landing at Wingate Records. As with every band, they struggled to find a niche. It finally happened with "Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get," released on Stax/Volt Records. Things looked much better for the Dramatics after this as radio picked up the song and was aired frequently. However, "In The Rain" and "Toast to the Fool" were even bigger hits and are still played regularly on radio even after 3 decades of its release. The musical styling of the Dramatics are similar to that of The Floaters; The Stylistics; The O'Jays; Harold Melvin etc.
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