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Aspiring to nothing more than a good old-fashioned rock & roll party, the Donnas won a cult following and considerable media attention in the late '90s after scoring a record deal right out of high school. Early on, they were invariably described as "the Ramones meet the Runaways," with a definite emphasis on the former (they'd even adopted identical first names as a tribute). But their bratty high-school-delinquent image was clearly indebted to the latter, as their songs concerned themselves mostly with boys, booze, drugs, and hated classmates. As the Donnas grew up and polished their technical abilities, their music evolved into a distinctly female take on cock-rock metal, drawing more from AC/DC, Kiss, and Mötley Crüe than from punk. Some critics praised their cheerfully crude adoption of male sexual bravado; others complained that the band's music never transcended its vintage influences, and remained suspicious that their naughty-girl packaging was a bigger part of their appeal. The Donnas were originally formed in May 1993, when all four members (all born in 1979) were still in the eighth grade together in Palo Alto, CA. Calling themselves Ragady Anne at first, they played covers of groups like R.E.M., L7, the Muffs, and Shonen Knife, and entered a junior-high battle of the bands just one month after forming. During high school, they kept practicing virtually every afternoon, and soon moved into riot grrrl territory with inspiration from bands like Bikini Kill and Bratmobile (though it was more musical than political).

The Donnas is the name of an all-women punk rock band that go by stage names. Donna C. (Torry Castellano), Donna F. (Maya Ford), Donna A. (Brett Anderson), and Donna R. (Allison Robertson) make up the band. They formed in 8th grade (1993) to play for their school's "Day on the Green." They were all best friends and high school outcasts, which is what brought them together. They were the only girl band in their town, Palo Alto. They had absolutely no friends or fans until they were out of high school. There was even an anti-Donnas club in the brief time that they attended college. They are all self-taught musicians and practiced in Torry's garage nearly everyday during high school.
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They went under the names Screen, Raggedy Anne, and The Electrocutes before becoming the Donnas. These other bands were not simply the Donnas with different names, they were different bands with different members. In fact the appeared on a college radio station as both Raggedy Anne and The Donnas in the same night! Not only this, but Raggady Anne and the Donnas insulted each other. (No one but them and the DJ even knew that they were the same people).

They worked with producer Darin Raffaelli for their first three albums. They took a week off of their senior year of high school to tour Japan and even experimented with riot grrl under The Electrocutes (this was more musical than political, though). They initially signed with Lookout! Records. However, the band became too big for the independent Lookout! to handle and they were urged to sign with a major label company. In 2002, they signed with Atlantic Records.

The band has been together for 11 years. Some of their influences include KISS, L7, Bikini Kill, Shonen Knife, The Muffs, R.E.M., The Ramones, and Bratmobile. A new release is expected October 2004.

Ragady Anne
Ragady Anne [7"] (1996) (Radio Trash Records)
The Electrocutes
Steal Yer Lunch Money (1998) (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
The Donnas
American Teenage Rock 'n' Roll Machine (1998) (Lookout! Records)
The Donnas (1998) (Lookout! Records)
Get Skintight (1999) (Lookout! Records)
The Donnas Turn 21 (2001) (Lookout! Records)
Spend the Night (2002) (Atlantic Records)
Gold Medal (2004) (Atlantic Records)

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