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From the U.S. to Asia they are known to rock their audiences all alike. Yes we are talking about this band from Boston, Massachusetts , The Click Five. Everything simply clicks during their shows, get the tickets to one of their shows and catch them soon.
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With their first album released on June 26, 2007, they made a headway on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart with their song "Just The Girl". The lyrics of the number were written by Adam Schlesinger from the Fountains of Wayne.

The bands history goes back to the year 2001, when the members Joe Guese, Ethan Mentzer and Ben Romans were part of the band "Oscar Brave", from the Berklee College of Music, Boston. The fourth member, that is their drummer Joe Zehr belonged to the band "For Reasons Unseen". Three years later when both the bands disbanded, the members Ethan Mentzer, Joey Zehr, Ben Roamans and Joe Guese founded The Click in the year 2004. However the band badly needed a lead singer which eventually came in the form of Eric Dill, who was also a childhood chum of Joey Zehr. In order to join the four, Dill dropped out of Purdue University and moved to the band's base. Their house was popularly dubbed as "Imrie House". Now a complete band the group played for the first time at KISS 108 Hatchshell Concert in July 2004.

The real thing started in the fall of 2004 when the band signed a deal with Lava Records, now a part of the Atlantic Records. The band's rechristening came this time around, as they recorded for their first album. They changed the band's name to "The Click Five". In the year 2005 they opened for Ashlee Simpson with Pepper's Ghost and also for The Backstreet Boys that same summer. During this time they launched the music video of the song "Just The Girl" which did exceedingly well at MTV. Their first album came only by August 2005, it was titled as "Greetings From Imrie House". The tour followed soon after with Ryan Cabrera and The Veronicas. The second album was released in 2006 as "Catch Your Wave", in November that year. The national and international tours followed, when they went to Singapore and Malaysia and also in the U.K.

The fall of 2006, saw them recording a film called "Taking Five" at Salt Lake City, Utah. This is when Eric Dill had a change of heart and he parted ways with the band to go solo, as well as to pursue acting in Los Angeles. The band found his replacement in the form of Kyle Patrick from the Berklee College of Music. The band now reborn, released the single "Jenny" in 2007 and also the album "Modern Minds and Pastimes" the same year on June 26.

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