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Some bachelors, who were moved by love for music, established ‘The Business', a renowned English punk band in the late 1970s. They are mainly renowned for their punk style that has firmly established this band's reputation as one of the most popular and powerful live acts around. Presently, the band consists of five members.

At first, the band performed in the saloon houses and small theaters. Gradually, they became famous and received offers for performing in the grand places and theatre halls. The 'Suburban Rebels' is one of the classical albums of the band, which brought the band to the limelight. It became a massive hit and its copies sold millions. Later, it became a seminal record for the 'Oi! movement'. After that, the band never had to look back. It released a number of super hit albums in the following years. In 2001, the band released its best song, 'England 5 - Germany 1', in the context of a World Cup Qualifying match in 2001, which later became the football anthem for England. The band also undertook an early stance against political extremism with their 'Oi Against Racism' and 'Political Extremism But Still Against The System tour'. It brought the band again to the national spotlight.

Till date, the band has released a number of super hit albums and single songs. Most of them turned out as super hits and their copies sold millions. The list of their varieties is given below: -


Suburban Rebels 1981
Saturday's Heroes 1985
Welcome To The Real World 1988
Keep The Faith 1994
The Truth, The Whole Truth And
Nothing But The Truth 1997
No Mercy For You 2001
Under The Influence 2003
Hardcore Hooligan 2003

Compilations/Live albums/Singles

Harry May 2002
Hell 2 Pay 2002
The Complete Singles Collection 2001
Oi, It's Our Business:
The Best of The Business 2001
Smash the Discos/Loud,
Proud and Punk (Live) 2001
Mob Mentality 2000
The Best of The Business:
28 Classic Oi Anthems... 1998
Loud, Proud and Oi! 1996
Death II Dance 1996

From 1979 to 1989

Singalong a Business
Blue Stereo Music
Harry May: The Singles Collection

Compilation appearances

Punch Drunk 4
UK/DK: The Soundtrack To The Film (Soundtrack) (Score)
Oi! The Resurrection
World Still Won't Listen: Tribute To The Smiths
100% British Punk (Box Set)
United Kingdom Of Punk 3: The Hardcore Years
Oi! This Is England (Box Set)
Burning Ambitions: A History Of Punk (Box Set)
Punk, Proud & Nasty
Lords Of Oi! (Box Set)
100% British Oi! Oi!
Give 'Em The Boot
Burning Ambition: History Of Punk Vol. 2
Anarchy From The UK, Volume One
Oi! Greatest Hits Vol. 1
Punk City Rockers (Box Set)
Kill Your Radio
Voice Of The Streets
Eurotrip soundtrack
Trouble on the Terraces
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