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The Budos Band is the funk instrumental group taking a little bit of Ethiopian music and layering it with some 1960s sound. This self-described Afro-Beat has made them one of the most popular niche acts around. Performing under the Daptone Records label, this 10-man band has released three full-length albums and an EP in six years.

The group consists of Vincent Balestrino on the shekere, Thomas Brenneck on the electric guitar, John Carbonella Jr. on the congas and drums, Mike Deller on the organ, Daniel Foder on the bass guitar, Cochemea Gastellum on the tenor sax and flute, Andrew Greene on the trumpet, Dave Guy on the trumpet, Brian Profilio on the drums, Dame Rodriguez on the calve and tambourine, and Jared Tankel on the baritone saxophone. Sometimes the Budos Band extends this lineup to 13.

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The band debuted with the self-titled The Budos Band in 2005 and has been featured on the NFL Network and the MLB 09 and MLB 10 Playstation videogames. The Budos Band has recorded two more studio albums since the debut, the latest being the Budos Band III. Though the album is hardly the most creative or adventurous name, it does not quite do the funky sounds justice. The album has made its way onto the Billboard 200 and the group continues to celebrate its succession of tiny victories.

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