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'The Bridge', a documentary film composed and produced by Eric Steel, describes the tale of a handful of individuals who committed suicide at the 'Golden Gate Bridge' in 2004. Steel himself was the director of this film. Actually, he was inspired to produce such a film after going through an article entitled, 'Jumpers', composed by Tad Friend which was published in 'The New Yorker' magazine in 2003. The musician of this film is Alex Heffes and Peter McCandless is the cinematographer. It is Sabine Krayenb├╝hl, who has shown his dexterity in editing this film. The film was released on 27th October 2006 and its running time is only 93 mints.

The entire plot of the movie, 'The Bridge' centers on the large number of suicide cases that take place each year at the 'Golden Gate Bridge'. It is a suspension bridge that spans the 'Golden Gate', which is the opening into San Francisco from the Pacific Ocean. This bridge connects San Francisco with the Marin Country. In this film, footages of the suicides and then the interview details with the deceased's family members are shown. It even shows the interviews of those who attempted suicide but at last failed.

In 2004, multiple cameras were directed at notorious suicide spots on the bridge, while the shooting was going on for this movie. Horrible sights of 19 suicide cases were captured when the victims took their final dive from the bridge to the river beneath and then the interview details of their mourned family members were shown in this film. Steel himself personally conducted the interviews with the relatives of the suicide victims. While the project was going on, it was kept totally secret to elude anybody from getting it into his or her head to go to the bridge and immortalize him or herself on this film. During the filming, one person jumped off the 'Golden Gate Bridge' every fifteen days on an average.

This documentary created a lot of controversies, after Eric Steel had unfolded his tricks that he made with the 'Golden Gate Bridge' committee to get permission for making this film on the bridge for months. Even, Steel's team took the live photos of 23 suicides that occurred during the entire shooting. The powerful and spectacular intersection of monument and nature around the 'Golden Gate Bridge' and the terrible sights of suicides were exposed brilliantly in this movie. Steel received huge but mixed reviews from the audience as well as the critics. On 12th June 2007, 'Koch Lorber Films', an independent film distributor and DVD manufacturing company based in New York, released the DVD version of this film.
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