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Testament is a popular American thrash metal band originally from California. Testament is credited for two Top 40 albums and one Top 50 album in the UK. Their album "The Gathering" released in 1999 also entered the Top 50 in Germany. The current line up of the band comprises Chuck Billy on vocals, Eric Peterson on Guitar, Alex Skolnick on Guitar, Greg Christian on Bass, Louie Clemente / John Tempesta on Drums. The band was founded by guitarist Eric Peterson and his friend, Derrick Ramirez in 1983 in San Francisco area. The band started with name as "Legacy". One self-titled 4 song demo was released by band in 1986. The band was forced to change its name to Testament as another band held a trademark for the name "The Legacy".

Band's first album "The Legacy" was released in 1987 on Megaforce Records which is still well-advised as a classic by numerous fans of the genre. Testament received instantaneous laurels within thrash circles and generated a huge fan base with a short time. They went on the successful tour to America and Europe with Anthrax. On this tour, they recorded their "Live at Eindhoven EP". The band released its most popular album "Practice What You Preach" in 1989. After Practice they didn't attain enough success. Another effort "The Ritual" was released in 1992 which received a poor response and with this the band started to implode. Meanwhile the band underwent several line up changes including the lead guitarist Alex Skolnick, drummer Louie Clemente. After their 1994-1995 tour, The band was underwent another lineup change. Testament's release "The Gathering" in 1999 favored the fame and added a little fan base to the band.
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The band's follow-up album, "Demonic", was released in 1997 with a new approach exploring the death metal genre. Following the release of "The Gathering", lead guitarist James Murphy was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Murphy was fully recovered after affording a surgery through many fundraises. In 2001, Chuck Billy was also diagnosed with cancer which was treated with success. With full recovery of Chuck Billy by 2003, the band started performing live again with a new drummer, John Allen of Sadus. A brief Europe only reunion tour known as the "10 Days in May Tour" was announced on may 2005 which featured the original lineup of Billy, Peterson, Skolnick and Christian, with drum duties shared between John Tempesta and Louie Clemente. The group played in the Middle east at the Dubai Desert Rock for the first time in May, 2006. Other noteworthy bands that performed for the Desert Rock, included Megadeth and 3 Doors Down.

A new album is expected in near future anytime in 2007 by Testament. Various interviews on the "Live In London" 2005 DVD suggest that the band may come up with an album written with the classic album lineup after this. Eric Peterson confirmed by saying that Skolnick has been writing songs for the new album.

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