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This band consist of two sisters: Sara Quin and Tegan Quin hence forming a perfect combination of indie rock and indie rock. The two sisters write their songs and also play keyboard and guitar. The stage performances are incredible, characterized by their notorious stage banter. Their stage performance are therefore very interesting to watch due to their skills and singing talent.

The studio albums released by the duo band include 'This Business Art'(2000), 'Under Feet Like Ours'(1999), 'So Jealous'(2004),'If It Was You'(2002), 'The Con'(2007), 'Heartthrob' (2013), 'Sainthood'(2009) and 'Get Along'(2011). Tegan and Sara band have recorded a song for the 'Lego Movie'. It took them two weeks to complete a demo and recorded 'Everything Is Awesome' with the help of Mark Mothersbaugh. This song hit the 11th position on the Electronic Songs Chart/Billboard's Dance, which was a surprise because you would have expected it to shine in the movie alone.

The two hours of recording their song involved working on its tempo to ensure a perfect result. The song was to match the comedy scenes and results proved that it really did. The vocal was to be crafted carefully and skillfully to include elements of jubilation and excitement. Watching a few scenes of this movie will show you the fun and the innovation of the two sisters. Mark was the technician behind the successful production of their song. The song became have become very popular amongst people and many feel they can sing along during its play.

The great achievement was due to their long term experience whereby they recorded they recorded two demo albums 1995 at their school's recording studio. They worn 'Garage Warz Battle of Bands' in 1998 at Calgary. They have performed alongside other popular artists and have also participated in live performances in many North American and South American countries.Their current signing is to the Canada's Neil Young's Vapor Records and United States' Sire.

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