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Te Vaka is a Polynesian musical group that was founded in 1995 in New Zealand. Te Vaka means "the canoe" in the Tokelauan language. They have performers from Tokelau, Cook Island, Samoan and Maori communities. Their sound blends Polynesian rhythms with breathtaking synchronization.

The group was founded by Opetaia Foa'i, who was born in Western Samoa. His father was from the Tokelau Islands and his mother from Tuvalu, so he grew up there in a predominantly Tokelauan culture. This is why Tokelauan is his strongest language and the one he composes all of his songs in. Te Vaka consists of 11-members and includes people from all over the Pacific and even one palangi - New Zealander of European descent.

Powered by their ambition to succeed and the vision of Opetaia's wife Julie, Te Vaka's manager, they have so far produced three acclaimed albums. Even though their music contains contemporary rock, pop, funk and soul flavors, it is deep rooted in the rhythms of the Pacific by the use of Pate and Pa'u.
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Te Vaka's music is grounded in their traditions. Julie stresses: "The traditional influences that inspire Te Vaka are all pre-missionary - the very old fatele dances where the rhythms and chants are the focus, and there's a lot of excitement and tribal energy." The group has four dancers bring a thrilling vibrancy to Te Vaka's live performances. They choreograph their own moves while taking inspiration from all over the Pacific.

Te Vaka have released four internationally acclaimed albums and one DVD. They have been touring the world constantly since 1997 and have performed in over 30 countries. Te Vaka have been nominated for two BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards. They were also nominated for the Best International Achievement Award for "Ki mua" in 1999, the Best Roots Album in 2003 for "Nukukehe and won Best Pacific Music Album in 2004 for "Tutuki" in the New Zealand Music Industry Awards.

Ta Vaka's songs tell the tales and folks of their region, from the ancestors who traveled across the pacific in their voyaging canoes, to the current threats to Pacific Islands such as Tokelau and Tuvalu due to the effects of global warming

Te Vaka showcase some of the loveliest blends of Pacific traditions and contemporary forms of music. They give a glimpse of the true soul of the South Seas. Delivering one of the most dynamic live experiences in recent years. Get your tickets and take yourself on a ride into the rich heritage of Polynesia. Contact your on line ticket vendor.


Tutuki – 2004
Nukukehe – 2003
Ki Mua - 1999
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