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Tally Hall, a famous rock band of U.S.A, originated at Ann Arbor in Michigan, in the year of 2002. The band members derived the band's name, 'Tally Hall' from a food court at Farmington Hills in Michigan, which is presently defunct. While performing the stage shows, the band members are always dressed in white shirts with black trousers and colored ties of 'Signature' brand. Each of them wears different colored tie.
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Presently, the band consists of five members. They are - Rob Cantor (Yellow tie), Ross Federman (Silver tie), Joe Hawley (Red tie), Andrew Horowitz (Green tie) and Zubin Sedghi (Blue tie). Rob is the lead vocalist and the guitarist. Federman is the sole drummer of the band. Hawley is another guitarist and vocalist. Andrew Horowitz is the keyboardist and the vocalist. Zubin Sedghi is the bassist and a vocalist too.

At present, the band is working with the 'Atlantic Records', a famous recording company of the U.S.A. Prior to Atlantic, the band had an agreement with 'Quack! Media', another recording company of the U.S.A., which helped the band financially and also undertook the responsibility to distribute their studio debut album, 'Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum'. The band is famous for its upbeat melodies and whimsical lyrics, especially for its song, 'Banana Man', which has been featured on 'The Real World : Key West'; and 'Good Day', which has been featured on 'The O.C.'

Besides singing, the band has also produced numerous short movies, which include both music videos and humorous skits. 'Banana Man' is regarded as the best music video of this band. All the albums and songs released by this band, turned out as super hits and their copies sold millions. If you are interested to attend a concert of Tally Hall, then collect the tickets from Online Seats as soon as possible.

The names of the albums and the single songs of this band are given below :-


Complete Demos 2004
Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum 2005 (Quack!Media) & 2008 (Atlantic Records)


Good Day
Welcome to Tally Hall
Just Apathy
Two Wuv
Stationary Love
Banana Man
I Know It's Just the Same
Ruler of Everything
Take For a Ride
The Bidding
Be Born
Just Apathy
Spring And A Storm
The Whole World And You
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