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Talib Kweli is a very famous rapper belonging to United States of America. He has won lot of critical acclaim for his albums and songs. Talib is very famous rappers in underground hip-hop. Many songs of Talib have featured on the charts such as I Try, Move Somethin, Waitin' for the DJ, Respiration, Listen!!!, The Blast, Definition, Never Been in Love, Good to You and Get By. The live concerts of Talib Kweli have always been liked a lot by his fans and is famous all over. You can buy tickets for his live shows from Online Seats for the front seats at low and cheap rates.

3rd October, 1975 was the birth date of Talib Kweli. He began his career with a rap band which was named Mood. The group had only released one album called ' Doom '. In the 1990s he and another rapper Mos Def came together and were called Black Star. They released an album called ' Black Star ' which got Tailb some mainstream success and made his a known face in the industry.
On 16th December Tali released a solo album called 'Quality' on the record label Rawkus Records..The album got lot of critical appreciation for him. 'Quality' had fifteen songs such as The Proud, Won't You Stay, Shock Body, Guerrilla Monsoon Rap, Keynote Speaker, Where Do We Go, Good to You, Gun Music, Put It in the Air, Stand to the Side, Get By, Talk to You , Waitin' for the DJ, Rush and Joy. The album featured a top position on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts coming a 6th position and on the Billboard 200 at was at 21st position.
The second album by Talib Kweli was named 'The Beautiful Struggle'. The album was marked by guest appearances by other rappers like Common and Jean Grae. The album came in 2004 with thirteen songs such as Broken Glass, Beautiful Struggle, We Know, We Got the Beat, Black Girl Pain , Going Hard, Ghetto Show, A Game, Never Been in Love, Around My Way, Work It Out , Back Up Offa Me and I Try. 'The Beautiful Struggle' also came at good positions on the charts. It was third position on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts and on the Billboard 200 it was at 14th position.

The next album of Talib Kweli was entitled 'Right About Now'. The album was released in November of 2005 on Koch Records. Rapper Mos Def was seen in one of the track on the album Supreme Supreme. 'Right About Now' was released with twelve tracks such as Where You Gonna Run,Right About Now, Supreme Supreme, Drugs, Basketball & Rap, The Beast, Fly That Knot, Two & Two, Flash Gordon, Rock On, Ms. Hill, Roll Off Me and Who Got It.

Talib Kweli has founded is own record label called Blacksmith Records. His record label has singed another very well known and noted female rapper Jean Grae. Talib has also made some appearances on some television shows as well. He was seen in the show Wild'n Out of MTV. Along with Mos Def he has also come number of times on Chappelle's Show a comedy show.

In a the track Get 'Em High of the Kanye West's album The College Dropou, Talib did a guest appearance. Talib Kweli has emerged as a very talented and young rapper in the music scene of America. He will definitely go more places and give his fans more great music. Watch the live shows of Talib Kweli b buying tickets from Online seats.
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