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'Taking Back Sunday', a renowned rock band of U.S.A, originated from Amityville at Long Island in New York. Presently, the band consists of four members- Adam Lazzara, Eddie Reyes, Mark O'Connell and Matt Rubano.
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In 1999, the band released its first album, 'Taking Back Sunday EP'. It turned out as a considerable hit and its copies sold thousands only. In 2001, the band released its five song EP, but it also failed to draw crowds. But, the band did not retreat from the race. In 2002, it released a full length album, 'Tell All Your Friends' from Victory Records. This album became successful, but not up to the highest standard. In 2004, the band released another album entitled, 'Where You Want to Be' from Victory records. Ultimately, this album brought the victory to the band. Even, it secured the third rank on the 'Billboard 200 Albums Chart'. Record says that around 163,000 copies of this album sold rapidly. As a result, the band's name spread throughout the U.S.A.

The band received more mainstream exposure when it appeared on late night talk shows, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live and Loveline' as well as contributed the song, 'This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know)' to the soundtrack for the film, 'Spider-Man 2'. The band also contributed the song 'Your Own Disaster' to the 'Elektra soundtrack' and the original version of 'Error: Operator' to both the Fantastic Four soundtrack and 'tie-in' video game. In each sphere, the band achieved huge success. On 25th April, 2006, 'Taking Back Sunday' released an album, 'Louder Now' from 'Warner Bros', one of the leading recording companies of the U.S.A. The band made some comments on the album, which reflected the dramatic change, the band had undergone in the two years since their last release. This album became so hit that the band received lots of accolades from the critics and the audience.

Shortly following the release of 'Louder Now', 'Taking Back Sunday' participated in the 'Give It a Name', a two day indoor rock festival in England. After that, it played at 'Manchester Evening News Arena' on 29th April, 2006 and at the 'London Earls Court' on 30th April, 2006. In each sphere, the band achieved huge success. On 30th October, 2007, 'Victory Records' is going to release its latest album, 'Notes From The Past', which will feature four songs from 'Tell All Your Friends', six songs from 'Where You Want to Be' and two from 'The Ballad of Sal Villanueva' and 'Your Own Disaster'. The band also conducts tours to different parts of the Europe and the U.S.A. All you need to attend a concert of the 'Taking Back Sunday' is a ticket. Contact with the Online Seats for buying the tickets before they are sold out.


2001 Taking Back Sunday
26th March, 2002 Tell All Your Friends
27th July, 2004 Where You Want to Be
25th April, 2006 Louder Now
30th October, 2007 Notes From the Past
20th November, 2007 Louder Now DVD: Part Two
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