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Powerfully emotional songs with a warm, earthy feel, thanks to Switchfoot's moody guitars and passionate vocals backed by slow, steady rhythms. This San Diego band stands above the usual mindless college radio fare by writing well-crafted, catchy songs that are both aurally and spiritually appealing.

Originating from San Diego, California, USA, and formed during the mid-90s, this Christian rock band was the brainchild of brothers Jonathan Foreman (vocals/guitar) and Tim Foreman (bass/vocals). Like many San Diego teenagers, the Foremans were avid surfers and it was via the surf world that they met drummer Chad Butler. Taking their name from surfer lingo, the trio began rehearsing in a garage before live performances followed. Shortly thereafter, Switchfoot signed a recording contract with the indie label re:Think, and issued their debut, The Legend Of Chin, in 1997. School work, surfing, and a band member's wedding (Butler) held up the completion of Switchfoot's follow-up, New Way To Be Human, that was eventually released in 1999. Deciding that the band needed a fourth member to beef up their sound, multi-instrumentalist Jerome Fontamillas joined the line-up and debuted on 2000's Learning To Breathe. Having sold a combined 400,000 copies of their first three releases, a major label recording contract was the next step for the band, with Columbia Records subsidiary Red Ink winning the race for their signatures. Switchfoot then donated several songs to the hit motion picture soundtrack, A Walk To Remember. The quartet's major label debut, The Beautiful Letdown, was an immediate hit on the US charts, which resulted in the band launching a sold out three-month headlining tour. Switchfoot is also an outspoken supporter of the DATA organization (Debt, AIDS, Trade for Africa), a group created by U2 leader Bono that offers aid to developing nations, as well as promoting AIDS awareness.
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Switchfoot's roots can be traced back to the beaches of San Diego in the mid-‘90s, when the Foremans and Butler connected as surfers (Fontamillas joined in September of 2000). Though they competed in national surf championships on weekends and earned product endorsements from equipment companies, the real bond came from a common love of music. They decided to form a band, chose the name Switchfoot (a surfing term), put themselves through months of sweaty garage band workouts, and then hit the road. After just 20 gigs, they signed with re:Think records and released Legend of Chin in 1997. They've averaged 150 shows a year ever since, while selling more than 400,000 copies of their first three albums (Legend of Chin, New Way to Be Human and Learning to Breathe) combined. Shortly after recording The Beautiful Letdown, Switchfoot signed with Columbia. The album has since become the band's fastest-selling record to date.
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