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Susan Victoria Lucci popularly known as just Susan Lucci is a Daytime Emmy Award-winning American actress. The TV Guide calls this actress the 'Daytime's Leading Lady'.
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Susan Lucci was born on December 23, 1946, in Scarsdale, New York, but she was brought up in Garden City. Right from her childhood she envisaged of(not needed) becoming a performer. In order to fulfill her dream, Lucci through her teenage years, took part in various activities like voice lessons, dance lessons, and participated in Community Theater. In high school, she was the epitome of a perfect student; she took many honors classes, was also a cheerleader, staff writer for the school newspaper and was a foreign exchange student to Norway. Lucci also participated in the school musicals and starred in 'Oklahoma' and 'The King and I'.

After graduating with Honors from Garden City High School, Lucci went to the Marymount College in Tarrytown, New York, which was known for its theater program.
After completing her education with a degree in BFA in theater arts, Lucci shifted to New York City to launch her acting career. Like any other beginner she did auditions and was even rejected a couple of times. Lucci embarked on her professional career as a color girl for CBS. During her early phase, Lucci's acting work comprised of Off-Broadway standby roles, day-player roles on soap operas, and extra and stand-in work for movies.
Lucci got her big break at the age of 23; she auditioned for a new soap opera 'All My Children'. She was selected to portray Erica Kane, which is still thought to be one of the best roles on television written for a woman. Apart from the big break in her professional life, her personal life too was rocking; she got married to restaurant owner Helmut Huber.

In 1978, for the first time Lucci was nominated for the 'Daytime Emmy'. She was nominated once again in 1981, and almost every year since then. In the beginning of the 1980s, Lucci was on the cover of almost all the major magazines, creating a history of sorts, as prior to her no other soap opera actress had achieved this fete. To Lucci goes the credit of being the first soap opera actress to star in Movies of the Week. She was already popular as an actress but what added to her fame was her string of Emmy losses. At that time, the standard joke was that the `Queen of Daytime Television' had no crown. Finally the elusive award became hers in 1999. Lucci is till busy with acting and her Susan Lucci Collection of hair care products business.