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Survivor has been fortunate to have been immortalized by the movies. First breaking through with "Eye of the Tiger" in 1982 for Rocky III and then coming back with a new lead singer for the Karate Kid anthem "The Moment of Truth" in 1984. The group has sold millions of concert tickets and has been lauded (a Grammy Award in 1984) and lampooned (Ron Burgandy in Anchorman is a huge fan), all the while searching for some sustainable success.

The band began in 1978 after the Jim Peterik Band fell apart for Epic Records. Jim Peterik, the keyboardist, guitarist, and singer was urged to work with Dave Bickler, lead singer; Frankie Sullivan, guitarist and vocals; Dennis Keith Johnson, bassist; and Gary Smith, drummer. This incarnation of Survivor released a self-titled debut album in 1980 and a follow up album, Premonition, in 1981. The albums were commercial failures. Unable to sell albums or Survivor tickets, the band was in danger of yielding to external and internal pressures.

In 1982, though, Sylvester Stallone contacted the group after listening to "Poor Man's Son" and wanted the group to write the lead track for his new movie, the third installment for the Rocky franchise. By then the group replaced Johnson and Smith and replaced them with Stephan Ellis on bass and Marc Droubay on drums. This lineup suddenly was playing before sold out concerts as fans of the movie and radio stations had turned the song Eye of the Tiger into a Grammy Award winning song and the subsequent album into a double platinum affair. Survivor tickets went quickly until the group tried to follow up the breakthrough.

The failure to make it on the charts without the backing of a major motion picture led to the departure of the lead singer Bickler. Jimi Jamison stepped in and the group returned to prominence in 1984 thanks to the Karate Kid. This time the song was "The Moment of Truth." Demand for Survivor tickets and albums again reached a simmer. The album, Vital Signs was a huge hit. The next album, When Seconds Count, suffered the band another set back. The group then split up after fans moved on from Survivor tickets to glam rock tickets.
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Jimi Jamison went on touring as Survivor throughout the 1990s and several attempts were made to repair relations. In the end in 2000, Sullivan, and Jamison were able to reunite. The result was three years of most the band form the heyday before tensions again tore the band apart. Survivor tickets have continued to be available for a version of that hit band. Jamison and Sullivan worked together until 2006, when Jamison left.

Now, Survivor consists of Robin McAutrey as the lead singer; Frankie Sullivan as the guitarist; Michael Young as the keyboardist, guitarist, sometimes vocalist; Bily Ozzello as the bassist; and Marc Droubay as the drummer.

Though the last album, Reach, did not reach the top, Survivor tickets remain popular as fans have found a new found appreciation for the group. OnlineSeats has those terrific, cheap Survivor tickets as the group heads out on a new concert tour, with shows scheduled throughout the country.
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