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Ready to head bang your hair out to some great heavy metal? Suicide Silence is a recent deathcore band to hit the scene. The band started with Mitch Lucker and Chris Garza in 2002, in Riverside, California. After a few rough years of getting the band together, the group released an album of their road performances in 2005 called Suicide Silence EP. Their live performances lead to the release of The Cleansing in 2007, an instant hit.

Suicide Silence received the "Best New Talent" award at the inaugural Revolver Golden Gods Awards this year with the help of their songs Unanswered and Bludgeoned. The band continues to improve over time as the members and the spirit of the band itself greatly pushes to strengthen their ability as musicians. The band likes to be considered as a youth an outlet to vent their everyday frustrations as a brutal, genuine and simply undeniable great band.

The band is now working on a new album called No Time to Bleed through an innovative way. Each recording and other material is available through youtube and myspace. These social groups allow fans to keep up-to-date information of Suicide Silence and also find locations to buy Suicide Silence tickets.

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They toured Europe and the US with Parkway Drive and Bury Your Dead in 2008. They also played at Sweat Fest last summer which allowed the group a greater audience to play for than they ever had. Suicide Silence toured with 2009's Pedal to the Metal tour, along with the bands Mudvayne, Static-X, Bury Your Dead, Dope and Black Label Society. The band will continue to play with Devil Driver, Trigger, The Bloodshed, and Malefice in Europe this winter. Be sure to keep watch, for Suicide Silence tickets sell fast for this amazing band.

The band places with a heavy metal style known today as deathcore. The genre is a mix of metalcore and death metal, both very fast and heavy metals. The song changes speed and time often, as well as employees very fast drumming and bass parts. The vocals of the genre usually include screaming, growling, and high-pitched voices used to represent the venting of their frustrations in this music.

The band consists of Mitch Lucker on vocals, Christopher Garza and Mark Heylmun on guitar, Alex Lopez on drums who was previously with The Funeral Pyre, and Daniel Kenny on bass guitar who was previously with Animosity and Light This City. The band comes together under the strength of Suicide Silence tickets.

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