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Get set to grab your tickets to see one of the most cutting edge bands on the punk/ alternative music scene- get your tickets to see Suicide City live in concert. With a totally unique sound that blends the elements of metal, gothic, punk, nu metal and alternative styles in a way that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet, Suicide City brings the audience a spectacular musical experience that leaves them completely breathless.

If there is one word that could sum up this band, it would be unexpected. At one moment the band is screaming with rage, power chords crunching on top of killer beats and a punishing bass line completing the effect. At other times, the band is darkly vulnerable, wailing about despair, romance and the turbulence of existence. Truly, this is one band that fiercely and passionately expresses itself in either fashion and firmly pushes the boundaries of innovativeness and creative musical expression.
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Suicide City is also the unlikely story of five individuals from different musical genres, coming together because of their common love for music. It all began when Biohazard's Billy Graziadei was producing a record for Groovenics. Graziadei and lead singer Karl Bernholtz realized that they shared a number of musical influences and interests and the idea for Suicide City began to take shape- after roping in AJ Marchetta to handle guitar, Dan Lamagna for drums and ex-Kittie member Jennifer Arroyo to handle bass and vocals, Suicide City was finally ready to take on the world.

The band has already established itself with a large and loyal fan following, thanks to their extensive gigging and jam sessions across the country. Don't miss your chance to see this cutting edge band set the stage ablaze live- contact your online ticket vendor for more information on how you can get tickets to see Suicide City live in concert!
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