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With guitars that chime and ring as loudly as they buzz, San Francisco's Stroke 9 master the often imitated overdriven, guitar pop sound. High-profile appearances in movies such as EdTV and albums loaded with radio-friendly pop hooks should ensure Stroke 9 a healthy career.
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During the late 90s, an overabundance of pop punk bands with hooks custom made for mainstream radio began infiltrating US radio and MTV. The most renowned of the bunch was probably Blink-182, with countless other lesser-known (but similarly styled) outfits following in their path, such as Stroke 9. The Marin County, California, USA-based band's story began in spring 1990, when a pair of then-high school students, singer/guitarist Luke Esterkyn and drummer Greg Gueldner, formed a group for school credit (in a 'rock band' class). The resulting outfit, Rufus Hairsbain, would eventually morph into Stroke 9, with the original line-up finally forming around Esterkyn, Gueldner, second guitarist John McDermott, and bass player Stephen Heath. Several independently released albums followed, including 1991's Music About Friends And Acquaintances (And People We Don't Even Know), 1993's Boy Meets Girl, and 1996's Bumper To Bumper, the latter of which saw Gueldner switch to bass to replace the departed Heath (newcomer Jeremy Fisch took over the drumming position, but was replaced soon afterwards by Eric Stock). 1998 saw Stroke 9 appear briefly in the Ron Howard-directed movie, Ed TV (playing a bar band), plus sign a recording contract with Universal Records. A pair of releases followed, 1999's Nasty Little Thoughts (comprising six re-recorded old songs and six new songs) and 2002's Rip It Off, neither of which accomplished the task of breaking the band commercially.
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