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The Steve Miller Band has been busy the last few years. After retiring from the recording studio back in 1993, the group has returned to record two studio albums in the 2010s. In addition to the time spent in the studio, Steve Miller Band tickets for live shows have been released with increasing consistency.

In 2013, this will keep the Steve Miller Band on the road from late May until late September. This means the fans will have four months of opportunities to enjoy the sounds of the 1970s come alive for a revival in the 21st century.  A few of these dates are truly special, as they combine the star power of Steve Miller Band and The Doobie Brothers. The rest of the time is spent hitting a few big venues like the Santa Barbara Bowl in Santa Barbara, California and a number of show dates at casinos across the country.

The Steve Miller Band in its current form exists with the namesake Steve Miller as the lead guitarist and singer and Kenny Lee Lewis, Gordy Knudtson, Joseph Wooten, Sonny Charles, and Jacob Petersen supporting him. In the beginning, back in 1967, this group was the Steve Miller Blues Band, the latest venture for Steve Miller, who arrived in the psychedelic scene in San Francisco. He joined forces with guitarist James Cooke, bassist Lonnie Turner, and drummer Tim Davis. For the first couple of years this group (renamed the Steve Miller Band) toiled in obscurity. Still, Capitol Records thought enough of them to send them on a globetrotting tour.

Eventually, they produced some measure of success. The album Brave New World went to number 22 on the Billboard 200. With each new album, the group found more and more people listening. The album that put them over the edge and made them stars came in 1973. Then the Steve Miller Band released The Joker, a platinum-certified album that landed at number two on the charts.

For the next decade the band released a string of hits, including quadruple-platinum Fly Like an Eagle and triple-platinum Book of Dreams. The songs from these albums are the ones most of the Steve Miller Band fans know. They are certainly the songs that have become a staple of the classic rock radio format, like “The Joker”, ”Fly Like an Eagle”, “Abracadabra”, and “Rock’n  Me”.

Steve Miller continued to tour and record for another decade after these hits. The albums rarely climbed the charts and the songs did not do much better. Still, the group had earned a dedicated following in the 1970s and the Steve Miller Band has remained a mainstay on the live stage. Over the course of this time, when the group seemed to spend all its time earning money in playing concerts, the band lineup seemed to be a revolving door. The lone mainstay has been Steve Miller and he continues to be the main draw for Steve Miller Band tickets in the 21st century.

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