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With your classic rock band comes the stereotypes, but Steel Panther is all that and more. Get your Steel Panther tickets if you miss enjoying the best of all rock bands, as the group rises to the top!

Steel Panther's members Michael Starr on the mic, Satchel as the lead guitarist, Lexxi Foxxx as the bassist, and Stix Zadinia on drums started as high school friends. The group was found to look fabulous to Michael, where he decided to put the group on stage. The group took a trip to the music store, and each picked up their own instruments. The group decided they needed to start thinking of a name, and found it in an unusual place. After watching a Zoo show, the group found the name. Black Panther. But they needed a better name, so they became the Steel Panthers.

Small gigs eventually led to the group's stardom, leading huge amounts of fans to their doorstep. The group entered the scene with Eye of a Panther and Asian Hooker, two great songs that were introduced as amazing singles. Soon, the band would release their first album with Universal-Republic – The Panther roars again.

The group made it into the Hollywood scene, becoming famous among celebrities and the locals alike. Their famous songs include Stripper Girl and Community Property, both songs that have become extremely popular with the fans. This band could be considered one of the greatest metal bands to rock in the history of the world.

Rock out and get your Steel Panthers tickets today as the band jams on stage and enjoys with such famous other bands. With their concert tour crossing the states, hurry and catch the best metal band to grace the world with its music.

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