Star Wars In Concert Tickets for Sale

Star Wars in Concert celebrate the breathtaking cinematic score from John Williams that has become synonymous with a galaxy far, far away. Tickets to this concert are ideal for any dedicated fan of the movie franchise and for young science fiction fans. There will be a full symphonic orchestra with a choir, a set of gigantic screens behind the musicians playing montages of the best action sequences, and an exhibit featuring the original score and never-before-seen costumes and props from the movies.

The inspiration for a world tour followed the immense success of the Star Wars: A Musical in April at the 02 Arena in London. The new tour will be conducted by Dirk Brosse, the same director from the London show and additional help from Steve Cohen, who will direct the visual elements of the concert.
George Lucas himself blessed the musical homage to the film and its legendary movie composer, even supplying the movie montages used to accentuate each musical piece. The director and producer will also lend the exhibit costumes and artwork to add to the experience and the display of the original score by John Williams.

The Star Wars in Concert world tour will begin in October at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. OnlineSeats will have the Star Wars in Concert tickets for every show on the tour schedule. We have a superb collection tickets for every performance and have a seating chart for most of the arenas. Check both and choose the very best seats for your bank account and enjoy this celebration of the mastery of Star Wars and John Williams.
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