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The dynamic rock group SR-71has its roots in Baltimore, Washington. The group is a hard metal group and has always released albums, which have been full of heavy metal and drums. Four people Mitch Allen, Dan Garvin, John Allen and Butch Walker have founded the group. The group has been famous for their fast metallic music amongst teenagers who love and are fanatics of the group. The group members keep saying the group is like a family.

Their debut Album, which was released in the year 2000, was their biggest hit. The Album was ‘Now You See'. This Album won two Awards and was nominated for two more. The song ‘Now You See' was the best and was critically acclaimed.

The group has conducted live shows in Florida, California, Texas and New Jersey at a very big level. They also conducted some small shows in many places in USA. Outside USA they have conducted shows in England, Australia, Italy, Spain and France. Due to their many live shows they came close to their fans all over the world. They have always been very compassionate about their fans and have never refused their fan's proposal to conduct live shows in some places.

SR- 71 Album ‘Sarcast' was the album, which made the group famous in England and France. After releasing the Album and knowing the results the group went on a tour of Europe where they covered France, England, Italy and Spain. In USA the group got some fame after their release of the first Album ‘Now You See'. They could not tour at this time due to financial crisis but later they toured USA for 4 Long months and covered many states and cities.
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Their reviews were very good for them. They got comments like ‘Exciting Rock', ‘Classical Heavy Metal', ‘Sparkling Power Pop' and many more. The group released about three albums and all three of them were bog hits and supported them financially. The group always earned a lot from their tours. This group also has worked in a live show organized my NGO's for Tsunami Relief Fund. In that show came thousands of people only to listen to this group. The group leader says they never expected such Big Fan flow and in the beginning of each show they are tensed for the results of the show.

The group was formed in 1998 and was preparing for the album since then but it is in the year 2000 they released their first Album. It was said that the group worked very hard on their first Album and that's why it took two years to get completed. But the results of their first Album itself paid them off.

Now they say they need a break and the group will not be releasing any more songs for one more year. This came as sad news for their fans but their fans still are happy that at least after one year they can expect their favorite music group to release some more good rock music.
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