Southern Culture On The Skids Tickets for Sale

Tickets wont be easy to get when this group comes to town. South Culture on the Skids is a North Carolina based rock group with a unique ability to blend country harmonies and lyrical themes with garage-rock sound and surf-style guitar. The Scots, as they are popularly called consider themselves as the walking, talking storybook of Southern folkways.

South Culture on the Skids were formed in 1985 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina by Rick Miller. The band first came together when Miller and lead vocalist Stan Lewis, bassist Leslie Land, and drummer Chip Shelby. This quartet released their first EP "Voodoo Beach Party" on the local indie label Lloyd Street. The followed that shortly with a full length self titled debut in 1985.
The band the went through a reincarnation. Co-founder Lewis split from the group and after a few additions and replacements the new South Culture on the Skids was born. The new incarnation consisted of bassist and sometime vocalist Mary Huff and drummer Dave Hartman, both of whom had grown up together in Roanoke, VA. After lying low for a few years and releasing a few singles, the band released an LP, "Too Much Pork For Just One Fork" in 1992. Too Much Pork established the group and also consisted of their famous Chicken Chicken Anthem, "Eight Piece Box."

They've subsequently "For Lovers Only" (1992), "Ditch Diggin" (1994), "Dirt Track Date" (1995). Their next installment "Plastic Seat Sweat" came in 1997 and marked the debut of new keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist Chris "Cousin Crispy" Bess. The band got lost in some major big time label mergers and were without a record deal for a while. After re-grouping in 1998 and self released an EP "Zombiefied EP". The Scots released their full length LP, " Liquored Up and Lacquered Down" in 2000 and followed that up with "Mojo Box" in 2004.

If you like your rock with a little country tinge, The Scots are just what the Doctor ordered. Rush to you on line ticket vendor and get the your tickets before they run out.


Mojo Box - 2004
Liquored Up and Lacquered Down - 2000
Plastic Seat Sweat - 1997
Dirt Track Date - 1995
Ditch Diggin' - 1994
For Lovers Only - 1992
Too Much Pork For One Fork -1991
Southern Culture on The Skids - 1985