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The band is getting back together. Yes, Soundgarden had a short reunion tour last year, but those gigs are sometimes nothing more than too short trysts that merely teased the diehard fans. In 2011, however, Chris Cornel, Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron and Ben Shepherd are back together for good. Fans will get a chance to see them live with Soundgarden tickets for concerts this summer. The tour will begin with a July 2 concert in Toronto at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre and end on July with a show at the Gorge Amphitheatre in Quincy, Washington. This 19 city, month long tour will be just the beginning for Soundgarden as they head into the studio to begin recording again.

This is not a band ready to rest of their laurels either. Soundgarden assuredly will be performing its hit singles ("Black Hole Sun", "Burden in My Hand", and "Pretty Noose", and "Blow Up the Outside World"), but they will also be mixing in some of the new work from the new album. You read correct, Soundgarden will be back with both a concert tickets and a new recording to satiate its massive following of grown up grunge rockers!

Soundgarden debuted as a swaggering, leaden Hard Rock outfit, all flailing hair and meaty Metal riffs -- this was the Soundgarden of 'Big Dumb Sex' and 'Full On Kevin's Mom.' By the time Grunge reached its heyday on MTV, the pages of Rolling Stone, and the radio, the Seattle band had reined in its lunk-headed tendencies and focused on crafting excellent songs such as 'Burden In My Hand,' 'Like Suicide' (the elegiac swansong for Grunge's commercial invincibility), and 'Overfloater.' They never completely captured the imagination of a generation the way their friends and contemporaries did -- Nirvana were more mercurial, Pearl Jam more anthemic. But more than any other Grunge outfit, Soundgarden demonstrated the influence of '70s Hard Rock on Grunge. Longtime fans claim that Soundgarden softened up over the years, citing the insane crossover success of 'Black Hole Sun' (1994) as Exhibit A in the band's paving of their previously potholed Grunge/Metal hybrid. But given a closer listen, some of the band's later material -- 'Pretty Noose' and 'Let Me Drown,' for example -- thuds just as emphatically as their late '80s releases on Sub Pop and SST.

As best as anyone can tell, the seeds that would eventually become Soundgarden were sown in 1981, when Kim Thayil and Hiro Yamamoto (who would serve as the band's bassist until 1988), living in Park Forest, Illinois, and having kicked around in local bands for a few years, graduated from Rich East, an alternative high school. Wanting to continue their educations in a similar manner, the two set out for Olympia, Washington, planning to enroll at the progressive Evergreen State College. Unable to find jobs once they got to Olympia, and admiring the crop of bands that had sprung up in Seattle, where Thayil had lived until the age of five, they moved there instead. Thayil enrolled at the University of Washington, where he eventually earned a degree in philosophy.
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Probably the earliest incarnation of Soundgarden was a short-lived cover band called the Shemps, which was founded by Thayil's roommate, a guitarist named Matt Dentino. Chris Cornell, then nineteen, had started out as a drummer, but he wanted more musical input than drummers were typically allowed. 'I always figured I would just end up being such a good drummer that the best band in the world would ask me to be in it,' says Cornell. 'I guess I lost that attitude pretty quick.' Deciding to try singing, Cornell answered Dentino's vocalist-wanted ad. When Cornell joined the Shemps, Yamamoto was playing bass; he subsequently quit and was replaced by Thayil.

'When I met Chris,' says Thayil, 'my first impression was that he was some guy who just got out of the navy or something. He had real short hair and was dressed real slick. He had a great voice -- even though we were doing shitty material.' As Thayil tells it, Dentino was 'obsessed with people who died,' and the Shemps' repertoire consisted almost entirely of Doors, Hendrix, Otis Redding and Buddy Holly tunes. Their only original was a snappy Dentino composition called 'Marilyn Monroe' ('We're all looking for Marilyn Monroe/She's just a girl that I could go for . . .').

Cornell and Thayil often crossed paths with Matt Cameron and Ben Shepherd around this time. Cameron was drumming in a band called Feedback, which would eventually evolve into Skin Yard, and Shepherd was the guitarist for a local hardcore outfit called March of Crimes. That band's biggest claim to fame, says Shepherd, was a tape that sold a few copies in Finland. 'And,' he adds, 'we got to meet Jello Biafra [of the Dead Kennedys] because he liked our name'

Soundgarden in 1997 as internal strife ripped apart the alternative rock band. Notably lead singer Chris Cornell released a solo album. Drummer Matt Cameron moved onto another group, Pearl Jam. Rumors of a reunion kept on popping up in reports in the years afterward, and members of the group constantly had to rebuke them in interviews. However, eventually the rumors won out and on January 1, 2010 Cornell announced that Soundgarden would be reforming. Soon after drummer Cameron announced his attention to rejoin the group that helped to establish him a fixture in the music industry.

The immediate plans for the reunited Soundgarden are unknown. Fans definitely expect to get the chance to purchase Soundgarden tickets to see these aged rockers from the 1990s live. The group could head back to the studio first though. All that is known is that the announcement was made on midnight to usher in 2010 and that a link from the new site features a new music video for its song Get on the Snake.

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