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Soul Asylum is one of the most successful and well known alternative rock band of the United States of America. The band was formed in 1983 and consists of four members David Pirner for vocals and lead guitar, Tommy Stinson on backing vocals and bass guitar, Dan Murphy for rhythm guitar and backing vocals and Michael Bland on percussion, drums and backing vocals. The band has given many successful albums while their single Runaway Train won a Grammy Award. The albums of Soul Asylum have seen a sale of more than 3.5 million albums just in America. Soul Asylum is a fantastic performing group. You can see the live concerts of Soul Asylum by purchasing tickets from Online Seats.

Soul Asylum started to give shows in Twin Cities which created for them a loyal fan base. The band was popular for their energetic and dynamic stage shows. The first album of the band was 'Say What You Will Clarence...Karl Sold the Truck' which was released in 1988. The album was first released in August of 1984 as ' Say What You Will... Everything Can Happen '. But in 198 it was released again on a CD with five more songs. The tracks on the album are Do You Know, Black And Blue, Draggin Me Down, Religiavision, Masquerade, Money Talks, Sick Of That Song, Broken Glass, Voodoo Doll, Happy , Walking, Long Day Spacehead, and Stranger.

The second album of Soul Asylum was titled 'Made To Be Broken ' and came in 1986. The album had thirteen tracks such as Long Way Home, Tied to the Tracks, Don't It (Make Your Troubles Seem Small), Another World, Another Day, Never Really Been, Ain't That Tough , Can't Go Back, Ship of Fools, Growing Pain, Made To Be Broken, Lone Rider, New Feelings and Whoa!.
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In 1986 the group released another album named ' While You Were Out '. It was released on 21st November with eleven tracks such as The Judge, Passing Sad Daydream, No Man's Land, Closer To The Stars, Miracle Mile, Crashing Down , Lap Of Luxury, Freaks, Sun Don't Shine, Never Too Soon and Carry On.

In 1988 Soul Asylum signed a recording contract with A&M records. Same year the first album of the band on A&M Records was titled 'Hang Time'. It was a thirteen songs album wit the tracks Marionette, Put the Bone In, Down on Up to Me, Endless Farewell, Heavy Rotation, Sometime to Return, Standing in the Doorway, Twiddly Dee, Beggars and Choosers, Little Too Clean, Twiddly Dee, Cartoon, Jack of All Trades and Ode.
In the 1990s Soul Asylum was signed by Columbia Records. In 1992 came a very successful album of the band called 'Grave Dancers Union'. In 1993 the album was declared a double platinum album. 'Grave Dancers Union' has songs such as Get on Out , The Sun Maid, Somebody to Shove, Without a Trace, Runaway Train, Growing into You, New World, 99%, Homesick, April Fool , Black Gold and Keep It Up.
The next album by the band 'Let Your Dim Light Shine' was also a platinum album. It has songs like Crawl, I Did My Best, Shut Down, Caged Rat, Tell Me When, Promises Broken, Eyes of a Child, Just Like Anyone, Nothing to Write Home About , Bittersweetheart, Misery, String of Pearls, Hopes Up and To My Own Devices.
In 1998 they released an album called ' Candy From a Stranger ' while 2006 was marked by the release of an album titled ' The Silver Lining'.

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