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Don't miss an opportunity to get tickets to a Sonny Rollins concert or you'll miss those magical tunes that have enticed millions of listeners the world over. Sonny Rollins was one of the most talented tenor saxophonists of his time and rubbed shoulders with the likes of Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, and John Coltrane in the all-time greats.

Sonny Rollins was born as Theodore Walter Rollins in Harlem on September 9, 1930. This talented artist began his career in music at a very ripe age. He began studying the piano and alto saxophone from the age of 11. He eventually took up the tenor saxophone in 1946. Rollins Grew up in the Sugar Hill section of Harlem, his teenage buddies include future jazz masters Jackie McLean, Arthur Taylor, and Kenny Drew with whom he had a band in high school. He grew up idolizing musicians like Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Bud Powell.
Rollins was the first of his peers to attain a level where he could play with older bop players, eventually Rollins recorded and performed with Parker, Powell, Thelonious Monk, and Miles Davis amongst others.
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Sonny Rollins made his recording debut with Babs Gonzales in 1949. After dates with J.J. Johnson and Bud Powell the same year, Rollins started making an impression. His talent and genius were unquestioned in the jazz world. Rollins started recording with Miles Davis in 1951 and with Thelonious Monk two years later. He took a break from music for a while, but then joined the Max Roach-Clifford Brown quintet in late 1955. He remained there until 1957.

His tenure with Max Roach that Rollins began to record as a leader, making albums for both Prestige and Blue Note. His first collection was titled simply "Sonny Rollins, Volume One" and was released on December 16, 1956 and featured trumpeter Donald Byrd, pianist Wynton Kelly, and bassist Gene Ramey. "Sonny Rollins, Volume Two" was released on April 14, 1957. It requires special mention because of the presence of two of the most important but drastically different pianists in the history of modern jazz. While hard bop progenitor Horace Silver is at the piano chair for three of the selections, the very unique Thelonious Monk accompanies Rollins on a beautiful rendition of his ballad "Reflections". Th 1950s found him in peak form and he was acclaimed the top tenor saxophonist of the time. Therefore, Rollins' decision to drop out of music from 1959-1961 shocked the jazz world.

He returned in 1961 with a quartet featuring Jim Hall, his style was largely unchanged but he had become a much freer player. Although his playing was a bit more eccentric than previously, Rollins was a major force until 1968 when he decided to retire again. When he returned in 1971, Sonny Rollins was more open to the influence of R&B rhythms and pop music. But Rollins will always be remembered as a soloist for turning the most unlikely material into jazz. This is what has made him a legend and one of the masters of jazz.

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