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The club introduced some professional players in their teams during the 1888 season. The club was part of the creation of the Football League and finished in the fourth place for that season. Blackburn Rovers participated in the F.A. Cup final match on 29 March 1890 and won the title for the fourth time. Rovers then took a major decision to move their club to Ewood Park, which is the current home venue for the team. All through out the 20th century the team was considered as the topside in the English league. With much of hard work and training the team were league champions in 1912 and 1914. They also won F.A Cup in 1928. The team was transferred to top flight in 1935-36 season. Rovers won Third Division title in 1975. With many years of downfall the club finally rose in 2000-01, when the club was promoted as Division One runners-up. 2001-02 and 2002-03, rover's maintained their performance and qualifies for the UEFA Cup. Top players for the 2006-07 Premier League were Benedict McCarthy with 18 goals and Shabani Nonda with 7 goals.

Blackburn defeated Wigan, Everton, Man City and Luton in the month of January 2007 with a score of 3 - 0, 4 - 1, 3 - 0 and 4 - 0 respectively, defeated Sheff Utd, Portsmouth and Arsenal in the month of February 2007 with a score of 2 - 1, 3 - 0 and 1 - 0 respectively, defeated Bolton and Man City in the month of March 2007 with a score of 2 - 1, 2- 0 respectively, defeated Watford and Charlton in the month of April with a score of 3 - 1 and 4 - 1 respectively, defeated Newcastle on 5th may 2007 with a score of 2 - 0. With such excellent performance the team is all set to defeat their contenders in the 2007-08 season. So, wait no more and get your tickets to catch the soccer madness live.
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Blackburn Rovers are a renowned English Premier League football club that was formed in 1875. Being one of the founder members of the The Football League, in 1888, the club has enjoyed great success and popularity among their huge fan base. Blackburn Rovers are nicknamed as the Rovers and Blue and Whites. The Club holds their home games at Ewood Park, in Blackburn, Lancashire. The stadium has the capacity to hold 31,367 spectators per game. The club originated from Blackburn, Lancashire. The club was very successful in pre-1930 and have won league and FA Cup on many occasions. Numerous fans buy tickets to watch them live on field action. The club has been performing in the top flight and has added many titles in their profile. The team has passed for UEFA Cup three times and was once declared as the League Cup winners.

John Lewis and Arthur Constantine formed Blackburn Rovers club's idea in 1875. Club's wealthy status and good connection at that time helped the club survive better than any other teams in that era. Some of their old rivals during the 19th century were Blackburn Olympic F.C. and Blackburn Park Road F.C. The club's first ever match was held on 8 December 1875 which was a drawn match. At that time the club was supported by their member's subscriptions. The very first home ground for the club was a farmland at Oozehead. They occasionally performed at Pleasington Cricket Ground. The club was included as a part of Lancashire Football Association in 1878 and participated in the F.A. Cup for the first time and won the game. During the 1881-1882 season, Rovers were one of the most successful teams. With mixed results in the 1882-1883 season, the team was still leading the soccer scene. The club was specially commissioned a silver shield in that season. During the 1885-1886 season the team stepped up for some serious professional football.
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