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Sister Sledge is among the most well known bands of the United States of America. The group was formed in the year 1972 and as the name suggests the band comprises of four sisters. These four sisters are Kathy Sledge, Kim Sledge, Joni Sledge and Debbie Sledge. Number of singles of the group have toped the charts. Some of these singles have been Pretty Baby, We Are Family, Got to Love Somebody and He's the Greatest Dancer. Sister Sledge is known for giving such great disco numbers and have continued to give their fans more such memorable disco songs. The live concerts of Sister Sledge are also very satisfying musically as they are such fun to watch. You can avail the tickets for the live shows of Sister Sledge from Online Seats for the front seats.

Sister Sledge in the year of 1975 released a LP named 'Circle of Love' on the ATCO record label. The album was released in the United States of America and contained of nine great hits such as Cross My Heart, Give In the Love, Fireman, Don't You Miss Him Now, Protect your Love, Circle of Love, Pain reliever, Love don't you go through no changes, and You're much better of loving me.
The next album of the group was titled 'Together' and was released in 1977 in United States.
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After 'Together' came the album called 'We Are Family' in the year of 1979. 'We Are Family' was among the most successful album of Sister Sledge. The album ha songs such as Everybody Dance, We Are Family, He's the Greatest Dancer, Medley: Lost in Music, True Love, Brother Brother Stop, Frankie and Thinking of You.
The album scored to positions on the charts coming at first position on the R&B charts while on Pop in the U.S it featured at second rank.

The next album of the group 'Love Somebody Today' was too a big hit for Sister Sledge. It was an eight track album with numbers like I'm a Good Girl, Let's Go on a Vacation, Reach Your Peak, Got to Love Somebody, How to Love, You Fooled Around, Pretty Baby and Easy Street. The album was released in the year of 1980 and had two chart topping singles such as Pretty Baby and Got to Love Somebody.
In 1981 the band released the album titled ' All-American Girls ' which was produced by their new producer Narada Michael Walden. This album too a success. The album had ten songs such as Don't You Let Me Lose It, He's Just a Runaway, I Don't Want to Say Goodbye, If You Really Want Me, Ooh You Caught My Heart, Next Time You'll Know, Music Makes Me Feel Good, All American Girls, Make a Move and Happy Feeling.
In the 1980s and 1990s Sister Sledge gave new material. In 1985 an extremely successful song of the band was released which was Frankie which proved to be an international hit song. In UK it was number one song for four weeks. In 1998 an album of the group was released called 'African Eyes'.
In 1998 another album was released 'Family Affair' with nine songs such as Thinking of You, He's the Greatest Dancer, We Are Family, Brother Brother Stop, Love of the Lord, Frankie, True Love, Lost in Music and Everybody Dance.
In 2004 Sister Sledge at the Epcot theme park performed in the International Food and Wine Festival.

Sister Sledge is a very entertaining band. Buy tickets for the love performances of the band from Online Seats.
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