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Hailing from Queens in New York City, Sick of It All is a hardcore punk band that was formed by the brothers Lou and Pete Koller, Armand Majidi and Rich Cipriano in 1984. the band was formed along New York hardcore bands Straight Ahead, and Rest In Pieces which both featured Majidi and current Sick Of It All bass player Craig Setari. Majidi joined up with the Koller brothers and Rich Cipriano to record the Sick Of It All demo in 1986, after original bassist Mark McNielly and drummer David Lamb left. The band began to play Sunday afternoon meatiness at renowned Hardcore venue CBGB's, and soon after released a self-titled 7" on Revelation Records.

In the year 1988, the band got associated with Relatively Records and released their first full-length, Blood, Sweat And No Tears, in the following year. Their follow-up full-length Just Look Around was released in 1992.

The biggest release of Sick of It All was the album Scratch The Surface which they released under the major label EastWest Records. The record was a surprise to those who assumed the band would create a more radio-friendly sound. They also recorded a video for "Step Down". The record was also the first recorded with long-time friend and former Straight Ahead, Rest In Pieces, Youth of Today and Agnostic Front bassist Craig Setari, who had replaced Rich Cipriano in early 1993.

The band received bad publicity in December 1992 when Wayne Lo, a mentally-ill student wearing a Sick Of It All shirt, shot and killed two people and wounded several others at Simon's Rock College in Massachusetts. After being inundated with claims that they initiated violence at shows and through their music, the band defended themselves in the press.

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Following the fair success of Scratch The Surface the band was all packed to tour worldwide, and it was not until 1997 that they released their second record on the EastWest label, Built To Last. More punk-inspired than their previous effort, Built To Last produced a number of live staples for the band, including "Us vs. Them," "Busted" and "Good Lookin' Out." The album also marked the end of Sick Of It All's contractual agreement with EastWest. In 1998, Sick of It All signed to independent record label Fat Wreck Chords, owned and run by Fat Mike of Californian band NOFX. After releasing the "Potential For A Fall" single - for which another video was filmed, Call To Arms was released in February 1999. The album featured relatively few traditional Hardcore tracks, as the intensely personal lyrics of songs like "Let Go," "The Future Is Mine," "Morally Confused" "Hindsight," and "Martin" shone through.

The 2000 follow-up was Yours Truly was less critically acclaimed. Despite containing some of the bands favored live tracks, including "Blown Away," "The Bland Within," "District" and "America," some fans felt alienated by the album's progressive nature and in a recent interview, front man Lou Koller claimed that the album's cover art probably contributed to its poor reception. 1

In 2001, Sick Of It All released their home video The Story So Far, and a year later a live record was released as part of Fat Wreck's Live In A Dive series, showcasing the tracks from Sick Of It All's entire career up to that point in time.

In the dawn of 2003 saw Sick Of It All release their seventh studio album: Life on the Ropes. The very next year, the band also released an album of b-sides, covers and rare tracks entitled Outtakes For The Outcast, which contains some Sick Of It All recordings. In early 2005, Sick Of It All signed on to metal/hardcore label, Abacus Recordings to record the follow-up to Fat Wreck's Life On The Ropes. The new album, titled Death to Tyrants was released on on April 18, 2006.
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