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The shrine circus was formed at the Light Guard Armory, in Detroit Michigan, for the Moslem Shrine Center. The Armory was demolished several years ago and it proved to be the ideal location for this historical event to start rolling.

In the beginning, the circus had only one-ring, but by 1925 it had grown to three rings. By the 1920s Shrine Circuses were being held throughout the country, and every year additional Shrine Centers started introducing circuses to their communities. In 2925, the Shrine Circus was transferred to a larger building at the State Fair Grounds. From here it continued to grow and prosper. In 1996, the show ran for 17 days with 40 performances, making it not only the oldest Shrine Circus, but also the biggest. The first Shrine Circus usually performs in Flint, Michigan in January every year. Then like a chain reaction, at least one Shrine Circus performs each week until late November. The last ones are usually held around Thanksgivings week in Evansville, Indiana and New Orleans, Louisiana.
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Almost every renowned circus star has performed in the Shrine Circus: Clyde Beatty, the Wallendas, Emmett Kelly, the Flying Concellos, the Hannefords and the Zacchinis. At the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Shrine Circus a special benefit performance was held to honor some of the circus greats. An association was also established to preserve the Shrine Circus history.

On February 26, 2006 the Shrine Circus will have been performing for a centenary. It is a vital institution that brings quality entertainment to over 120 cities each year. There are huge plans to celebrate the hundredth anniversary in remarkable fashion. It is an astonishing achievement for all those involved in keeping this historical institution alive and running . It will truly be a terrific celebration. Come and Join in the celebrations. Find out how you can be a part of this event. Contact your on line ticket vendor now!!
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