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The artist known as Shaggy was born Orville Richard Burrell in Kingston Jamaica on October 22, 1968. He got his nickname as a child growing up in Jamaica after the famous cartoon character. However, it wasn't until he moved to Brooklyn, New York with his mother when he was 18 that he made a name for himself. He immediately began performing with a local Jamaican style sound system called Gibraltar Musik. However, the desire to support his family and a steady income forced Shaggy to enlist in the Marines in 1988. While stationed in North Carolina, Shaggy used whatever free time he had to pursue music and write songs. Every now and then, he would head up to New York to record demos and put down his ideas.
On one of the recording trips, Shaggy met a DJ/engineer named Sting. Sting got Shaggy recording time at Phillip Smart's studio. An album recorded there for fun turned out to be an underground hit with the New York reggae scene. The record, titled 'Mampie' enjoyed so much success that Shaggy was almost forced to record another one. So he went back into the very same studio that brought out 'Mampie'. 'Big Up' was the next album recorded by Shaggy, who was still splitting time between music and the military. This was a task that would not distract him from his goal, despite serving time in the Gulf War. Operation Desert Storm called for him just when his music seemed to be taking off. Shaggy started collaborating with other local artists including Rawon, which only increased his local following. A five-month stint in Kuwait would put a halt to all of it though, but Shaggy's musical ambition grew while overseas.
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Upon his return, Shaggy marched right back into the studio to record a cover of the Folkes Brothers song 'Oh Carolina'. Shaggy seemed destined for local stardom in the United States, where the single barely made it to the radio, and stayed briefly on the bottom of the charts. Then it hit the European airwaves. This was just the break that Shaggy needed. The song flew to number one on the British pop charts and did the same in several other countries across the ocean. A song recorded with Maxi Priest was enough to convince Virgin Records to sign Shaggy to a long-term deal. His debut album titled 'Pure Pleasure' was released in 1993.

It wasn't until the sophomore album that Shaggy was a household name. In 1995, 'Boombastic' was released and was an immediate smash. The single reached #3 on the pop charts and #1 on the R&B charts. The album sold millions and went platinum. The icing on the cake was a Grammy for Shaggy, as best Reggae album. An extensive world tour followed, solidifying the artist's efforts to succeed.

However, the success didn't carry over for Shaggy, and his next album released in 1997 was a flop in the states and got him dropped from his label. Shaggy is not one to give up though, and he kept recording. He stayed in the public's ears by doing a few soundtracks. He remained low profile until his track 'It Wasn't Me' was downloaded off Napster by chance by a DJ in Hawaii. Soon the song was in rotation and demand grew for the artist again. 'Hot Shot' was the album that featured the song, as well as the track 'Angel', and was the album that revived his career. The album sold 6 million copies.
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