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The Iranian musician, songwriter and singer, Shadmehr Aghili is born on 27 January 1973 in Tehran. When he was 12 years old, he began studying violin and piano, encouraged by his brother and mother and later he also learned to play guitar. His father was a veteran of the Iran-Iraq war and he died when Shadmehr was a university student. He entered an arts school after the Iranian Revolution in 1979 in Tehran and graduated with a music diploma.

In his early age, he was influenced by Siavash Shams, Persian pop star and other singers like Andy. Shadmehr's first important release was a collection of folkloric and classic music played and arranged by himself, known as "My spring", interpretation in Bahareman, in 1997. He sang in Mabood the same year, which was his first vocal music effort, and he continued to work in Mosafer, "The traveler", to release his second album, which was his first vocal album.
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He created one album in 1999 with blues and rock and roll, named Dehati, "The villager", but none of the songs were permitted by the Iran's public radio and television. The same thing happened to his next album Adam o Hava, "Adam & Eve", which should have been released in 2001, but he was turned down and banned from appearing in Iranian TV shows.

However in 2000 and 2001, he acted in two Iranian movies, Pare Parvaz and Shabe Berahneh. Running out of choices, Shamdehr left the country and continued creating his music in Canada. He released few albums inclduing Adamforoush, "Traitor", Khiali Nist, "No Worries", Popcorn and Sabab, Reason.
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