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'Sha Na Na', a renowned rock and roll revivalist and comedy group, originated from New York City in the U.S.A. The band usually performs the doo wop hits of the 1950s.

Presently, the band consists of five members. Reggie Battise is the lead bass singer and Jim Waldbillig is another bassist. Gene Jaramillo is the main guitarist and Paul Kimbarow is the sole drummer of this band. The saxophone is played by Michael Brown. During the tour, three more artists - Donny York, Jocko Marcellino and Screamin' Scott Simon accompany the band.
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The band commenced singing as a part of the longstanding Columbia University's 'a cappella' group, 'The Kingsmen'. The members undertook their band's name from the refrain of the classic 1950s' hit 'Get A Job' (Sha-na-na-na, sha-na-na-na-na...), sung by 'The Silhouettes', a renowned contemporary rock band.

It was George Leonard, then a graduate student in English Literature of Columbia University; who influenced 'Sha Na Na' to commence its musical career at the theatre halls of U.S.A in 1969. The time was entirely ripe for the hippie counterculture; therefore, the band easily achieved huge success after its havoc performance at the Woodstock Festival. 'Sha Na Na' helped to ignite the nostalgia craze of fifties, thereby influenced the other similar rock bands of the North America and the United Kingdom a lot. Even, it also impressed the 'Broadway Musical Grease'. Apart from singing, the band also appeared in the movie named 'Grease' as 'Johnny Casino & The Gamblers'. The band also performed in a television show named 'Happy Days'. Both the movie and the television show became massive hits. From 1977 to 1982, the band had been performing a regular television show named 'Sha Na Na'. On that program, various famous artists were invited as guests. Even James Brown, the renowned punk singer of the 'Ramones' band and the famous musicians of 'Rock 'n Roll' band - Little Richard, Bo Diddley and Chubby Checker used to be present on that show.

In 1998, Dave 'Chico' Ryan, the ex-member of 'Sha Na Na' left for his heavenly abode. Henry Gross, the band's first guitarist, later became a solo artist and released his single album, 'Shannon' in 1976. Vinnie Taylor aka Chris Donald (1949 to 1974) replaced Henry Gross and became the main guitarist of 'Sha Na Na' in 1970; but he died due to the excessive intake of heroin on April 17, 1974. Robert Leonard, the professor of linguistics at Hofstra University, was another founding member of this band. Alan Cooper, another founding member of 'Sha Na Na', performed as the lead singer at the 'At The Hop' program in the Woodstock film. Although the show was successful, Cooper left the band and put his best efforts on academic career. Presently, he is the professor of Bible at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. Elliot Cahn, the band's sole rhythm guitarist, later became the manager of 'Green Day'. Till date, the band has released a number of hit albums which sold millions. Their names are given below :

Discographies :-

  • Woodstock Festival Soundtrack-1969 (includes 'At
  • The Hop' by Sha Na Na)

  • Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay-1969

  • Sha Na Na -1971

  • The Night Is Still Young-1972

  • Live In Belgium-1972

  • The Golden Age of Rock 'N' Roll-1973

  • From the Streets of New York-1973

  • Sha Na Na Live in Germany-1973

  • Hot Sox -1974

  • Sha Na Now-1975

  • Rock'n Roll Graffiti - Live In Japan(1975)

  • Grease Soundtrack-1978

  • Rockin' In The 80's-1980

  • Silly Songs-1981

  • Rock'n'Roll Concert & Party-1987

  • 34th & Vine-1990

  • The Sha Na Na 25th Anniversary Collection-1993

  • Rock âââ€?¬ËÅ"N' Roll Dance Party-1996 & 1998

  • Then He Kissed Me-1999

  • Live In Japan-2000

  • Rockin' Christmas-2002

  • One More Saturday Night-2006

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