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This Minnesota band rose out of the ashes of folk rockers Trip Shakespeare and had a huge radio hit with their sentimental last call, quick-find-a-date pop/rock ode 'Closing Time.' When Minneapolis trio Semisonic began to work on their new album, All About Chemistry, the band found themselves in an unfamiliar position: they were no longer upstarts, underdogs or indie rockers. Instead they had a hit song and sales of two million albums worldwide to follow up.

At home, their second album, Feeling Strangely Fine, was certified platinum, and the runaway hit song 'Closing Time' was now a fixture everywhere from World Series games to high school graduations. And in the UK, another song, 'Secret Smile,' had launched Feeling Strangely Fine to platinum sales as well as a Brit Award nomination.
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Rather than feeling pressured by all of this success, however, guitarist/songwriter Dan Wilson says the band found it liberating. 'It was sometimes overwhelming to read all the e-mails we'd get about how deeply our music was affecting the fans. They told us about the joy our music brought them, but what struck me most was that they really felt like these songs were helping them to make sense of their lives and times. That's exactly what we dream of doing when we make music. I figured we must be on the right track.'

So the three multi-instrumentalists rented a large room in Minneapolis. There they mixed together a batch of brand new songs, various digital recording devices, a large pile of antique sound-processing gear, and a lot of strong opinions; and turned up the heat. It's all about chemistry.

'Over My Head' was fitting for the 2001's teen flick 'Summer Catch' and Semisonic rode the wave of various tours in and around the U.K. By fall, Semisonic contributed their cover of the Wings classic, 'Jet' for the Paul McCartney Tribute CD, Listen To What The Man Said. Dan Wilson also took time out to do some solo stuff, playing a slew of dates around the Midwest in December. His brother Matt hooked up with Semisonic's John Munson to form the side project, The Flops in 2001.
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