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Savoy Brown were an active participant in the late-'60s blues-rock movement. But this British band could never generate the popularity and success they received in the US. Savoy Brown was formed by guitarist Kim Simmonds. He brought together a team that consisted of bassist Ray Chappell and drummer Leo Manning. The band kept evolving and the final lineup consisted of keyboardist Bob Hall, singer Bruce Portius, bassist Ray Chappell, guitarist Martin Stone and drummer Leo Manning. The new lineup was released their debut album "Shake Down," that was a collection of blues covers and was released in 1967.

The album was a moderate success but the band was disappointed that their release did not get the attention it deserved. Simmonds changed his strategy and approach, in his quest to create something truly unique he dissolved the band. He recruited bassist Rivers Jobe, guitarist Dave Peverett, vocalist Chris Youlden and drummer, vocalist Roger Earl. With its strongest line up yet, the band quickly gained popularity and also praise from critics. They also released original numbers like "Train to Nowhere" The band had to undergo some more changes when Youlden and Raw Sienna departed in 1970.
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The band seemed to be doomed as bassist Tony Stevens, Peverett, and Earl left to form their own band "Foghat." But Simmonds did not give up, he rebuilt the line up and then embarked on an exhaustive tour of the US. During this tour he displayed the band's now-refined bluesy and boogie-rock style. The style was reminiscent in their future albums. But the lineup continued to falter, in 1973 the band disintegrated again and was again re-formed the following year.

The late '80's and early '90s' saw even more changes in the band, but Simmonds soldiered one, he continued to record and tour. He released his first album with yet another new line up titled, "Strange Dreams," on the Blind Pig Label in 2003. The new millennium has brought some stability to the band and they have been performing consistently and attracting great reviews since their first release. Catch the Savoy Brown in concert, all you have to do is get your tickets from your on-line ticket vendor.

Discography -

Blues, Balls and Boogie (2006)
You Should Have Been There! (2005)
Strange Dreams (2003)
Raw Live 'N Blue (2001)
The Blues Keep Me Holding On (1999)
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