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Sarah Harmer is considered as one of the most popular singer/songwriter of Canada. She was born and brought up as a Canadian. She known as the prime force behind the Weeping Tile. The talented artist began to pursue her career independently in the year of 1999. During this period the artist performed with several other renowned bands of the industry such as Indigo Girls, Great Big Sea, and Moxy Fruvous to name a few.

The talented artist released her debut album titled "Weepinf Tile" which was a homage to her father titled "Songs For Clem." Her contributions in the music industry are tremendous. Other albums released by her were "Credited to Harmer and Jason Euringer," a folksy album which was released by the Harmer by herself under the banner label of Universal Canada.
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But, Sarah's proper debut album titled "You Were Here," was released in the year of mid-2000 by Zoe Records. This particular album showcased all the elements of a mature side of Sarah's music as compared to her work with the former band. However, it was in the year of 2004 that Harmer came back to the scene and released yet another album titled "All of Our Names." The artist has tremendous fan base all across the country as well as abroad. She continues to thrill the audience world wide even till date. So what are you waiting for, just contact your ticket vendor and buy the concert tickets to watch her performing live in front of her eyes.

All Of Our Names (2004)
I'm A Mountain (2006)
You Were Here (2000)
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