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Sarah Brightman is a classical crossover artist always on the move.  She used to be a disco singer, a musical theatre performer, a soprano specializing in duets, and is now a solo artist endearing herself to few markets she has yet to make an impact. In fact, this performer and her fluid nature have witnessed her leaving behind her British nationality and becoming a card-carrying American. Sarah Brightman tickets are among the most popular in the world, as she seemingly transcends musical labels and earns accolades with ease.

Born on August 14, 1960, she seemed to have aspirations to be an entertainer since the beginning. After attending a school for the arts and specializing in the performing arts, Brightman began her search for stardom. It began with a disco phase in the late 1970s, in which, as a member of Hot Gossip, she scored a hit with “I Lost My Starship Trooper”. This phase did not last long. Sarah quickly moved onto musical theatre, where she starred in the original production of Cats and met composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, her future husband. For nearly a decade she graced the stage, including originating the role of Christine Daae in The Phantom of the Opera. A divorce from Webber soured the stage experience and Brightman went in search of a new calling.

That would be as a singer making the transition from musical theatre to classical ballads. For the next decade she became a force for duets, particularly for her performance with tenor Andrea Bocelli. Eventually the success of her duets led to a shining moment in her solo career. Timeless, her third studio album and her first classical album, went multi-platinum around the world. Since then, Sarah Brightman has taken the stage as a pop, jazz, and opera singer. She has performed during the Olympics in Beijing and became a beloved cultural ambassador to China from the Western world. Under this new directive she has released three classical crossover albums, Symphony, A Winter Symphony, and Dreamchaser. Now Sarah Brightman concert tickets are those doing the same in South America, only as a touring American performer instead of a British singer.

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"I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper" (1978)
"The Adventures of a Love Crusader" (1979)
"Love In A UFO" (1979)
"My Boyfriend's Back" (1981)
"Not Having That!" (1981)
"Him" (1983)
"Rhythm of the Rain" (1983)
"A Room With A View" (1987)
"The Trees They Grow So High" (also known as "Early One Morning", 1988)
"The Songs That Got Away" (1989)
"As I Came of Age" (1990)
"Sings the Songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber" (1992)
"Dive" (1993)
"Surrender" (1995)
"Fly" (1995)
"Timeless" (also known as "Time To Say Goodbye", 1996)
"The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection" (1997)
"Fly II" (1997)
"Eden" (1998)
"La Luna" (2000)
"Classics (2001)"
"The Very Best of 1990-2000" (2001)
"Encore" (2002)
"Harem" (2003)
"Live From Las Vegas" (2004)

Song and Dance (1983) Emma
Requiem (1985) Soprano
The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber (1995) Herself
A Gala Christmas in Vienna (1997) Herself
Sarah Brightman In Concert (1998) Herself
One Night In Eden (1998) Herself
Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Royal Albert Hall Celebration (1998) Herself
Rosamunde Pilcher - Zeit der Erkenntnis (2000) Herself
Sarah Brightman: La Luna: Live In Concert (2001) Herself
Harem: A Desert Fantasy (2003) Herself
Live From Las Vegas (2004) Herself

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