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Sandi Thom, a Scottish singer-songwriter from Macduff in Aberdeenshire, got huge publicity after she signed a major-label record contract on the basis of a three-week live webcast series, transmitted all over the internet from the basement of her flat. After the popular show, she signed a major recording deal and released an album.
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Alexandria Thom, popularly known as Sandi Thom, was born on August 11, 1981 in Banff, Scotland. As a child she used to play the piano and the church organ, and once she entered her teenage, she became a part of the cover band âââ€?¬ËÅ"Residents'. After school she joined the Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts, which was established by Paul McCartney. While attending classes in the institute, Thom also performed with the gospel choir Love and Joy. After graduation, Thom went back to Scotland and began working as session vocalist and started singing on commercial jingles. While performing at Glasgow, Thom attracted the attention of the fledgling indie label Viking Legacy. She signed a recording deal with the label and came out with her debut single âââ€?¬ËÅ"I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (With Flowers in My Hair)', in 2005. After the release of the single, Thom toured extensively and even backed the âââ€?¬ËÅ"Proclaimers' on its U.K. tour.

It is widely believed that while returning form South Wales, she got the idea to promote her music through the internet. To convert her idea into reality, she bought a webcam for �£60 and did a series of 21 live gigs over as many consecutive nights and beamed it from the comforts of her Tooting flat. The show could be viewed free on her website,

The first gig which was beamed on February 24, 2006, was streamed by professional hosting company Streaming Tank. The first night had only 70 viewers, however, the next night the show was viewed by 670 and within no time, people from all across the U.S., Russia, and the Middle East were enjoying Thom's show. The popularity of the unique show gave Thom wide publicity, which resulted in her signing a recording deal with Sony's RCA subsidiary. Her âââ€?¬ËÅ"I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker' was re- released and it went on to top the U.K. pop charts. The single was soon followed by her first LP âââ€?¬ËÅ"Smile...It Confuses People'. The LP too topped the British albums charts.


Smile...It Confuses People- 2006
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