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People flock to see the Sahara Hotnights perform for their exciting form of music.During their growing period in northern Sweden all through the glory days of grunge, the four ladies of Sahara Hotnights required something concrete to overcome the monotony of being teenagers. Obviously, Maria Andersson (vocals/ guitars), Josephine Forsman (drums) and sisters Jennie Asplund (guitars), Johanna Asplund (bass) created a group.

They were by now under the impact of Blondie, The Clash and The Ramones, hence Sahara Hotnights prearranged themselves in seventies punk rock for a trendy, post-grunge sound of their own. A self-released introductory EP, Suits Anyone Fine, was issued to significant European praise in 1997, and straight away things began to come about for Sahara Hotnights. They notched a label agreement with the Swedish brand, Speech and in the subsequent couple of years; three additional superb singles - "Face Wet," "Oh Darling," "Nothing Yet" - would be made available to the public. In 1999, Sahara Hotnights produced their suitable studio full-length C'mon, Let's Pretend; it would afterwards merit two Swedish Grammy nominations.
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Such accomplishment wasn't short of discontinuing, either. Sahara Hotnights moved out of their colorless Swedish native land of Umea in the new millennium and entered into a contract with BMG in the U.K. The Drive Dead Slow EP come to light in April 2000 and the girls got ready for a sophomore compilation of songs. The sharp calm Jennie Bomb radiated a new-fangled assurance from the Sahara Hotnights.

At present in their youthful twenties, the vigor within the group had never been superior and their musicianship was compact. America ultimately caught on in the middle of 2002; Sahara Hotnights and Jet Set established camp and Jennie Bomb was scheduled for a national release in September. Two years afterward, the group made their most important brand presentation for RCA with Kiss & TellSahara Hotnights which is a Swedish rock group includes Maria Andersson (lead vocals/guitarist), Josephine Forsman (drums) and sisters Jennie (guitars) and Johanna Asplund (bass). Their approach comprises rudiments of power pop and punk.
The group was formed sometime just about 1991/1992 characteristically out of monotony. In 1997 the group presented their opening EP, Suits Anyone Fine. An instant achievement, it was met with crucial European commendation.

Almost immediately after the group entered into a contract with the Swedish label, Speech, and in the course of the next two years, three singles, "Face Wet", "Oh Darling", and "Nothing Yet", were made available to the public. In 1999, Sahara Hotnights
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