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Rush has been enjoying its time back on stage and back in the recording studio. In 2013 they will continue to enjoy that time on the live stage, as the progressive rock trio makes Rush tickets available for shows in Europe, the United States, and, of course, Canada this summer.

This concert schedule is really an extension of the tour that began last year. The Clockworks Angels Tour has been organized in support of the 20th studio album from the group. The album reached number one on the charts, the first time the band did so in nearly two decades. It reached these great heights thanks to its five singles released over the course of three years, including “Caravan”, “BU2B”, “Headlong Flight”, “The Wreckers”, and “The Anarchist”. These singles will likely be featured during these live sets, along with a number of hits from the extensive collection of hits recorded over the years.

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Rush is the Canadian rock band formed back in 1968, when it began as a run of the mill hard rock group before morphing into a cutting-edge progressive rock group. At first the lineup was composed of Alex Lifeson, John Rutsey, and Geddy Lee. This is the trio that toured seemingly every dive bar and performed at every high school dance in Toronto for the first six years of the band’s existence. All this led to a self-titled debut album and the biggest change in the history of the group.

Rutsey left after the release of this album, noting an issue with diabetes and a dislike for touring. Neal Peart replaced him and Rush began evolving musically. All this would never had happened if these band members were not exceptional at their craft. Lee was an amazing bassist, Lifeson was a terrific guitarist, and Peart ranks among the best drummers in the history of rock and roll.

In addition, Peart proved an exceptional song writer. The combination of terrific technical ability and songwriting meant the group was destined for great things. Rush found that their record sales improved with this experimental nature. 2112 became the group’s first multi-platinum effort, and Rush followed it up with A Farewell to Kings, Hemisphere, Moving Pictures, and Signals, among others. This run of success lasted until the middle of 1990s. The last major studio hit was Counterparts in 1993. More recent hits have come as live albums, such as Snakes and Arrow Live.

Rush’s biggest hits are still played on classic rock radio stations to this day. Perhaps the hits include “Tom Sawyer”, “New World Man”, “Subdivisions”, and “The Big Money”.  These songs are big hits because they utilize the signature multiple time signatures that end up giving the music a quality that inspires science fiction-type lyrics. Obviously, these songs still resonate with the world at large, as Rush tickets continue to attract fans from every age group.

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