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"Rooney" the rock band hailed from Los Angeles is known for their distinctive style and music that comprises the tunes of past decades and new tracks. The band plays a very good music that is inspired from the pop that was quite popular in the late "80s". The members of the band are Matt Winter (bass), Robert Carmine (vocals/guitar), Taylor Locke (guitar), Louie Stephens and Ned Brower (drums). The band introduced themselves to the world of music with their own indie rock appeal in 2000. "Rooney is inspired from the great bands of past like great "Beatles" and Cars to Blur and many others as the list is unlimited. There musical tunes have beautiful elements that includes Superdrag, ELO and Tickles of blur. Their music is full of inspirational notes and varieties that make their ardent fans to buy tickets and watch them performing live.
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The band was formed in an unusual fashion. All members of the band have great respect and passion for music. While Taylor and Robert were studying in different schools they were in love with the same girl. Then they met Matt Winter and Louie. There love for music brought them together and then they realized that they all have one thing in common and that was the passion and desire for music. That's how they came up with this beautiful idea to form a band. When the two other members of the band left them they dropped ‘Ed' from their band's name that used to be ‘Ed Rooney'. Then the journey of Rooney starts. The band has shown their great love for music and they play with different notes.

Rooney's concept of music makes them unique and adorable as they are inspired from many great musicians. Their music is the reflection of the past combinations and new tunes with perfect style. The band has shown their immense talent with their mind blowing tracks. ‘Rooney' is going to perform live and it would be a great treat for music lovers to watch them performing live. You can contact your on-line ticket vendor to get the tickets
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