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"Rogue wave" was formed in early 2002. The formation of the band was a sort of accident as this was quite unusual to form such a band for someone who has a different background. Zach Rogue the founder of the band was feeling bit bored at his home and then he made up his mind to take some time off from his work and home. This was the beginning of his journey. Zach took the help of his friend and recorded some songs; the whole effort was so special and Zach was doing all this to satisfy his creative urge. This was the learning phase of his musical journey and he made maximum use of it. Then he decided to break the shackles and in this effort he left his former band "Desto Reds". After this he came up with this great idea and with the help of his friends he created "Rogue Wave". The band received many invitations to perform with the well known stars. Whenever the band performs, people love to see them and it gives their ardent fans a chance to feel the difference and they heartily enjoy it and buy tickets to watch them performing live.
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Zach Rouge is the founder of the band. The whole idea behind this was to make something unique and that was the motivational factor for Pat, Sonya and Gram to feel that they can realize their dreams. Rogue Wave's debut album "Out of Shadow" is a stunning creation and it has impressed many. The album was released in 2002 and the band got its first big recognition. The response was very encouraging for the band and they re-mastered it and then re-released it in 2004. "Rogue wave" is a band with difference. Their innovative ways, undeniable charm and sophistication makes it a classic one.

"Rouge Wave" has already received many ardent fans from all over the world. They are performing live so you can contact your online ticket vendor and witness the cool experience of music with a difference.
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