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Robert Pollard is the lead vocalist of the popular rock and roll group Guided By Voices. Pollard was born in Dayton, Ohio on October 31, 1957. Pollard's father started grooming him into a professional athlete from a very young age. But by the time he reached college, Pollard realized that he cared more for his music than for any sport and therefore rode his ambitions into the music industry.

In 1983, Pollard formed his own band called Guided by Voices in Dayton. At that time he was working part-time in an elementary school. He completed his band's lineup when he added guitarist Paul Comstock, bassist Mitch Mitchell and drummer Payton Eric. Guided By Voices released their first EP in the year 1986 titled, "Forever Since Breakfast." In his later releases, Pollard took inspiration from various sources like British Invasion records, progressive rock and R E M. Along with his brother and the group's manager he financed the group's records by requesting a loan from the Dayton Public Schools Credit Union.
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The band went through a slew of changes over the 80's and 90's, but in spite of the changes Pollard always remained at the helm of Guided by Voices. He believed very strongly in the artistic qualities of "lo-fi" production and had a ear for great music and when these elements combined it made him a fantastic musician. We can see shades of this quality on his 1994 album "Bee Thousand." Critics went over the roof praising him and he became one of their favorites after its release.

Pollard's songwriting skills finally reached their potential when the band released singles such as "I Am a Scientist" that reflected their migration from punk rock to college rock. The group got great media coverage and accolades, Pollard finally quit his teaching job and the band performed on the Lollapalooza tour. A year down the line Guided by Voices started working on a new collection of songs. They recorded 60 tunes in a 24-track studio but Pollard was not happy with the end product. He was specifically uncomfortable with the "hi-fi" sound of the songs. He eventually recorded the songs in two days for the album "Under the Bushes, Under the Stars." Tired of carrying on a group and its responsibilities, Pollard went solo in 1996 and released his debut album "Not in My Airforce."

This prolific musician still records songs as a solo artist and with his group Guide By Voices. Pollard guided Guided by Voices from such humble beginnings to the status of Indie superstars by the 90's and that too when his real profession was that of a teacher. A rather peculiar occupation for a rock and roll idol. Witness the performance of Robert Pollard in a live setting, contact your on-line ticket vendor and get the tickets now.


From A Compound Eye - 2006
Motel Of Fools - 2003
Out Of The Gray - 2002
Waved Out - 1998
Not In My Airforce – 1996
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